New Music: You Can Get It By Ciara

Just days before Ciara’s “Basic Instinct” album is set to be released, a new song featured on the project has been leaked to the net. Produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart, “You Can Get It” is a classic Dream/Tricky sounding track, that features Ciara coo-ing over a slow thumping beat that is very reminiscent of ‘Promise.”

Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. All of Ciara’s songs have been nice but radio has been very cold to her lately. I don’t see this song getting any better reception but it is damn nice and I wish CiCi crazy luck.

  2. Yep that song is nice. I always love Ciara’s slow jams.

    BTW, she looks a little like Vanity in that pic up there.

  3. WOW I really don’t know why CiCi is not getting any exposure? this slow jam is very nice.

  4. I’m glad she put out a slow jam. I don’t like her fast music, but her slow jams are always great! I hope she drops a great video for this song! Best Wishes for Ciara and her new album…

  5. It sounds good melody wise, although I can’t really hear the lyrics too well (because my speakers are horrible).

  6. I hope ciara album do well next week. I really liked this song but radio haven’t picked up on any of her singles since Ride. I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT BASIC INSTIC IS ABOUT TO FLOP HARDER THAN FANTASY RIDE DID.

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  10. Christina Aguilera´s soundtrack was #2 during the whole week, and sometimes even #1 in itunes the week it was released, but still ended up lower Top 20 with around 50k sold.

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