New Photo Shoot: Rihanna In Full Swing


  1. I can’t take anymore of her. She needs to take a break like tomoorrow. :koolaid:

  2. I keep telling rihanna if she tries to model she will be a supermodel , her walk her attitude is right there! I don’t like those photos though

  3. Rhianna is hot. Regardless of what you feel about her voice she is hot. She is definately not playing. She is definately the fashionista for her generation. She appears to not always try to be flawless and that is what makes her hot.

  4. i rather her be a model and part time singer because i still love her music…these pics are nice but some would look fierce if she wasnt looking straight into the camera every time

  5. say what ya want about rhi rhi’s singing the gurl has got the it!

  6. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: I so love these pics…. they are beautiful but I so love the one in the middle… that is by far my fave… she can take a hellava pic… I think the pics were just for the article that accompanied the pics….

  7. As Tyra would say, the girl is fierce. How tall is she? She should totally be on a runway.

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