New Promo Video For “The Game”

Check out the latest promo just released for The Game. After almost two years of being off the air, the show is finally set to return on BET January 11, 2011.


  1. Lmao I see Wendy’s “ASS” has been on that Nicki Minaj diet.

  2. I can’t wait until this comes back on! Kelly has cut her hair! I love this show! So underrated!

  3. Wendy Raquel Robinson in those white pants – that’s bad black girl right there!

  4. This show is my CRACK addiction….by far the best sitcom tv has scene in yearsssss

  5. Yay! Eight more weeks to go! I cannot lie–it seems odd to be starting a new season almost two years later, but it’s not bad because I watch the re-runs on BET, anyway.

  6. Love this show been watching from the beginning. Please bring back “Tee Tee” Maliks cousin he was sooo funny! Tasha is the best!

  7. This is major…usually, when our beloved black shows are cancelled, even after we flood the networks with calls, faxes and letters, our cries go unheard, we just swallow the defeat and watch the infinite reruns of shows with plenty of shelf life left. But, a change is happening…this is indeed monumental…a new trend of how good shows can return to an anxious and awaiting fanbase…kudos to Debra Lee and BET/Viacom for going against the grain!

    Why NBC is struggling, in last place…when was the last time they had a black sitcom?…The Cosby Show built what they coined as “must see” TV and made thursday nite tv viewing a hot night for ratings…they put on Boris Kudjo and Blair Underwood hoping we would be so hungry for images of ouselves/fine black men in prime time on a major network, but the internet and cable networks have eclipsed network television programming for many, especially, when you can catch your favorite shows on demand or on the internet.

    I hope “they” get it right and stop just using us to help failing networks or to build brand new networks from scratch and discard us with the trash…Fox, UPN, CW, NBC…not to mention how we rescued the film industry through the Pam Grier and Company 70’s blaxploitation films when tv dominated and the old film studio contract players (where actors received a weekly salary and made the films they were told to make) system collapsed…

    BET and TV ONE have given us many more opportunities to see positive images of ourselves…Mo’Nique may not be for everyone, but she finds a way to introduce new talent, artists on the grind and respect/exposure to artists who were on top a decade or two ago…this too is a milestone, when black celebrity isn’t revered as others…she’s spreading “value” and demonstrating how important it is not to forget a person’s contribution and hopefully, this will trickle down into our own lives!

    Now if they could bring back “Girlfriends” or a TV movie like Sex In The City…that would divine! There’s a market for it, we would definitely tune it…Lifetime or We aren’t going to do it! One day someone will…

  8. Monique may not be for every body but she is for African Americans. Which is more than I can say for other African American Talk Shows whose audience have dramatically change overnight however I saw it coming. Shout out to The View.

  9. OMG my favorite show is finally coming back! And the day before my birthday at that! I’m so excited, I cant wait til I can see that sexy ass Pooch Hall again on a weekly basis.

  10. Best show on t.v. hands down (for me anyway) can’t wait for it’s return. And I’m glad EVERYONE is coming back because this is the type of show that every cast member brings something to it, and it wouldn’t be the same with some missing.

  11. Tasha is the star of that show. I love Wendy Raquel Robinson’s character, but Pooch ain’t bad either.

  12. bout damn time.. i watched this show til the end just to see if Melanie and Derwin made it..

    it’s funny and i’m so glad it’s back..

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