New “Sasha Fierce” Photo Shoot

Beyonce Photographer Tony Duran has almost become Beyonce’s official photographer- helming her most provocative photo shoots from the Sasha Fierce era. From her sexy vamped up look in GQ Magazine, to her “Dark Knight” inspired photo shoot for Gotham Magazine, Tony was was the man behind the lens. Continuing their relationship that goes back to the Dangerously In Love Era, the two have come together again for the singer’s latest photo spread. Decked out in all white, these most recent images of the singer are rumored to be featured in her upcoming tour booklet.

As many of you know by now, the singer is going on tour this Spring and many of her overseas tour dates have already sold out, causing promoters to add extra dates to handle the demand. Look for Sasha Fierce to kick off her 2009 world tour next month.

Until then… enjoy the pics.

Updated with GQ Magazine outtakes.


  1. I hope she laying down in the first picture her chest look crazy lol. @Nia yes you can ice skate on them leggs lol.

  2. Too much oil, looking a lil tranny in a few pics but I like the last one.

  3. yes i agree, bey that is a lil too much johnson & johnson. lol, but i like the white theme though

    oh and i really hate how much they photoshopped her body. we all know bey got some thunder thighs!! (so do i, lol)

    and her boobs look strange

  4. Baby oil….? OK I think she looks AMAZING! These pics are beautiful don’t front. HQ, Airbrushed, what ever she did a good job. This is what she should do instead of those boring videos right now.

  5. Great shots…but they photoshopped the hell out of her curves. I perfer the curvy Bee.

    Good job nonetheless.

  6. :hater: Beyonce is an undercover Some of her pictures and her moves are downright raunchy.

  7. lol..uhmm the last shot is pretty and YES to the photo shop, they make her look like she got an eating disorder. one day slim the other day thick…

    again..last shot is pretty

  8. :bowdown: :bowdown: I think B looks fierce in these pics and you gone always have haters like the ones above, they just have to say something negative but I think she looks fab!!

  9. :noway: please newly married ho why now :stop: whats jay saying .. she showing his goods lolo to much crisco oil or lard lol

  10. Why did they cut her thighs in half? And her breasts looks rock solid in the first pic. Me no likey :noway:

    These magazines really overdo it sometimes. I really wish these stars would speak up especially the ones that claim they love their voluptous bodies (Beyonce, A Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, America Ferrera, etc.)

  11. A lot of photoshop. You know her hips and thighs are bigger in real life than in this photos.

  12. :stop:
    How can you applaud this false image? The woman was just fat and frumpy on the Oscars and today she releases photoshopped pictures, slimmer, and trimmer, and softer! This chick is working too hard at trying too hard. What is she promoting? Ghetto tracks, and shallow ballads? Poor thing, she’s trying to keep her name in the marquee. She is such a dark, contrived, insecure, vindictive, self hating bimbo.

  13. lol girl let them legs shine! i would too if i was flyy like that in a photo shoot haha i like the pics very sexual but not crazy over the top for me i love the pic with both her hands touching that one leg, i really like that one

    @grape we all know they photoshop so its not that serious, also do you really think these photos have been shot today, ive had them for more than a week already plus im sure she took it a while ago and we know her weight can go up and down anyway thats just her body type

    i never get why people call her names and say shes insecure, i can name some people that are insecure but i wont because thats not my place, but i do know that she shows no sign of it and if she is then thats her business but you as well as i know that she has no reason to be with all the millions she ring in every year and how much people love her…

  14. Is it me or does she look like she got dark circles around her eyes in the first pix. Maybe it’s the make up or the placement of her arms that make it look like that.

    Any who, she looks exactly the same as she always does. I wish she would get a complete style overhaul. Since Sasha was released all we see her in are leotards. Tired of the lace front wig, tired of the blonde, tired of the same tight dresses. Do something different for pete’s sake.

  15. can we finally support somebody other than this fake money hungry chick shs so phony her cd is crapppppppp im so tired of her the truth is jazmine sullivan is the best singer out now

  16. Beyonce herself must see that these pics are faker than usual. Look at how pronounced her collar bone is!!!

    The pictures of her in the white outfit was photoshopped severely. She appears so skinny in her body and her head looks big. Some of these pics are too much. What? No one in her camp saw how altered her image is compared to other photos she has taken. Her arms are so skinny

    Clearly from Oscar night (less than 3 days ago), you can see that she is thicker than she has ever been; maybe she has not lost all the weight she gained for the Etta movie ! And now these. puh-leze!!!

  17. MORE SELF HATE. :lol2:

    She was just fat as heck on the Oscars, these pictures leaked after her disastrous red carpet and performance outfits failed to garner her the praise she so desperately continues to crave! TYPICAL CALCULATING Yawnsay. She just won’t give up! πŸ˜†

    Hurry up go on tour, and stay the hell overseas. She is tired!!!!!!

  18. Let the haters hate and watch you money pile up!!!!! You go Bey! Do your thang!! You look fabulous!!!!
    listen to those hater….she’s too oily, too skinny, fat as heck at the oscars(yea right..are you blind???)
    laugh at them Bey….. They straight hating… :hater: πŸ˜†

  19. Champ,
    What money piling up? If it weren’t for endorsement deals, and stiffing her bandmates, she’d be flat broke. Such a stan to think she pockets every penny she’s pimped out for. LOL. She has to pay lawyers up the ying=yang for all her copyright infringements, not to mention lace fronts, and marketing material!!!!! She is not as successful as you have been brainwashed to assume. She has no major chart success to speak of, it’s all from endorsements which says very little for her own brands. House of Dog Gone It Not That Crap Again is underdeveloped, yet she’s so money hungry to slap her image on anybody’s brand just for a check and something else to brag about. She can be summed up in one word: HYPE!

  20. Hey! Is it ok to say Beyonce looks like an undercover hooker? Some of pictures and moves are downright raunchy. Some people have to be obsessive/compulsive and bored to read every entry on a blog all day, every day.

  21. @voice:

    How do you know? Do you have access to her bank account? ANSWER: NO! I hate when people try to pass off opinions as fact. You nor I know this woman personally to make that kind of assumption.

  22. She looks good! Nice photos. But they took away a lot of her curves! Stop with the photoshop. She has a nice body already!

  23. I love the oily images minus the oil. :brownsista:

    The others are so-so. She doesn’t look like herself in that first image. Love the white swimsuit/leotard/thingy.

    TOO MUCH GREASE BEY! :brownsista:

  24. The pictures are beautiful but soooo predictable. She’s had this same look since 2003. Please do something different.

  25. I like the 9th picture, but the others are not her……its not her lane.

  26. Just FIERCE….Perfect for Beyonce…she can model, sing, dance, act, help others, help the world, what can this chick not do…she’s Superwomen…I wouldn’t doubt it…amazing pictures. Keep doin you Beyonce…you’re the hottest and most talented chick in the game now…raw talent isn’t seen anymore and she’s one of the few that’s got it.

  27. i like the pics but we seen before, but i’ve notice that everytime bey start getti talked about badly (her dress and performanceher PR always release some sexy pic or come out with something to side track the people?????????????????

  28. Once agin the :hater: s flock to Beys post….Like Bees to HONEY!!!!!! (if you are not a :hater: you shouldnt be offended)

    ANYWHO: BEY Looks great!!! Im sure she is not the first or last to use photo shop…..Keep it coming BEY :bowdown:

  29. Oh and I thought she only got a brest lift but they look fake to me.
    She need to put a shirt on it.
    She just lost a stan, team Rihanna.

  30. Well one thing is for sure, she is no supermodel. These pictures are aweful and trashy. This women is borderline overexposure and overkill. I can’t believe she was chosen to serenade our first African American President and First Lady. I guess money can really buy anything including lies and deceit.

  31. @Pretty Lady,

    Co-sign. She is a beautiful, talented woman, but seriously I need her to try a new look.

  32. I don’t understand why a lot of people are complaining about these pictures. They are from a PHOTOSHOOT. Of course they are retouched!

  33. Hi everyone,
    OMG – is it me or is it that the older she gets, the less clothes she wears? Was she always this revealing or is she using “SASHA” to pose half naked!! Next she’ll be doing playboy at this rate. I love Bey but I think the whole raunchiness is going too far. She’s down playing her own talent by doing things like this – I mean she can SING, is that not enough? Dont tell me all the stars are doing it for marketability blah blah blah – she’s an already established artist and she’s well respected – so what’s with the crotch flashing!?!?!

    :iagree: The look is getting old, mabye she should put some clothes on and try for a new look and leave the raunchiness to those who really need the exposure.

  34. Nothing jumps out at me. She looks like she did in the Me Myself and I video. In the first pic her eyes look a bit weak, maybe she was tired or perhaps we just got used to her with eye make up.

  35. @Liyah…Get out of my head! LMAO I was just saying to myself how she lack something in her eyes…everything ain’t for everybody.

    Beyonce’s same ol’ same ol’…this young lady is IMHO trying to seem like she has sooooo much range as an “artist” (I use that loosely) that it’s starting to be a distraction from her true talent. Grant it, there will be those who will buy anything related to Beyonce but she can’t expect those who find some of her antics redundant, to keep genuine interest in her.

    btw… Photoshop is the devil! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† :lol2:

  36. Not this chic again…..Where are Teedra,Tamia,Jazmine somebody any damn body but the Queen B.I’m getting sick of seeing her everywhere I turn….that’s not good. πŸ˜†

  37. @CHOLOE

    You clicked on this post so u obviously new doing that she would be in here riiight??! :loser: ANYWHO Beyonce looks fierce, baby oil and all! Get it Bey!!!

  38. :lol2: @ ALL the normal haters on here…can never give Beyonce props when due. SMDH…It’s b/c of you that she’s everywhere! LMAO

  39. It’s b/c of you that she’s everywhere! LMAO…how is that possible..its called payolla folks….. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
    fierce-1. menacingly wild, savage, or hostile: fierce animals; a fierce look.
    2. violent in force, intensity, etc.: fierce winds.
    3. furiously eager or intense: fierce competition.
    4. Informal. extremely bad or severe: a fierce cold.

  40. voice is a jealous rihalien stan so i’m not surprised that she’s always hating on queen bey.

    we all know all rihanna stans are jealous because beyonce is always on top meanwhile rihanna has to get her ass beat in order to finally get attention. LMAO

    anyway bey looks gorgeous and she has always had a nice body. she is always in the top 5 of every ‘hottest bodies’ list.

    her album is already at 3 million in just 3 months. i’m not even going to go into how long it takes rihalien, jhud, etc just to go platinum.

    but anyway congrats to bey on all the sold out concerts and for recently being named the richest woman under 30 in music.

    hey haters- where your favorite artists at? that’s right they’re eating bey’s dust. performing for obama one week and performing at the oscars for the 2039493 time the next. go ahead queen bey these haters cant take it! LOL

  41. @Queen bey you did not have to say that about ri-ri. You was off the map with that one. She went down on the hot top 5 body list too. So cut it out please you know you can slip and slide down them legs lol.

  42. To queen bey- You wanna know who my favorite artist is??? Well it’s Celine Dion. And NO, she in not eating Beyonce’s dust. And guess what??? She has sold 200 millions albums worldwide, BEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST EVER. She has won 2 oscars and has performed there many many times. And guess what? The only richer women than her in the entertainment according to Forbes are Oprah, the woman who wrote Harry Potter and Martha Stewart. And all her concerts are sold out, including during her 5-year stand in Vegas (5 shows a week for 5 years all sold out). And did you know that her concert in New York has sold out in 30 minutes or so, the actual record. And NO, she is not everywhere. She actually doesn’t even need promotion to be successful. I AM BRINGING ALL THIS UP ONLY CAUSE YOU AND ONLY YOU ASKED ABOUT IT JUST TO MAKE A POINT. IT’S OK TO LOOOOOOOOVE SOMEONE LIKE YOU LUV BEYONCE, BUT TO THINK EVERYBODY SHOULD TOO IS STUPID. EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN TASTE AND YOU SHOULDN’T INSULT THEM FOR THAT. AND BY THE WAY, I AM NOT A RIHANNA FAN, BUT I KNEW ABOUT HER BEFORE CHRIS BROWN BEAT THE HELL OUTTA HER. AND GUESS WHAT, JENNIFER HUDSON MAY NOT SELL 3 MILLIONS IN 3 MONTHS BUT SHE HAS AN OSCAR, GRAMMY, GOLDEN GLOBE, SAG AWARD….

    Bottom line, you really wanna start comparison on this blog, bring it on cause Beyonce ain’t the best. Yes I said it, she ain’t the best out there. Just go to, Taylor Swift still has the number 1 album in America. Sasha Fierce is at number 5. Check it for yourself.

  43. @muimui
    :lol2: :bowdown:
    Beyonce fans are the first to call people “haters”, but they speak terribly about other women in the game.
    My favorite artist is Britney (right now) because I love to dance, I dont take it to seriously, and its fun.
    1. Britney has sold 83 million records – Beyonce has sold 23 million records (DC does not count, cannot take credit for group efforts)
    2. Britney’s tours grosses 150 million and counting due to her recent tour – Beyonce’s tours grosses 50 million and counting due to her recent tour
    3. Britney Spears Perfume grosses around 100 million – Beyonce House of Dereon grosses 30 million

    There are many women in the industry that are overpowering Beyonce but they dont splash themselves everywhere because they dont have to, people flock to them no matter what. Beyonce JUST tied Rihanna with having the most #1 sigles this decade only because of Single Ladies and her other songs are not picking up. Jennifer Hudson is an Oscar/Golden Globe/Sag winner, Beyonce wishes she had those accolades thats why she attends those awards, to try to be taken seriously but in all honesty those actors are laughing at her.

    ITs not that serious, its only music

  44. KENNY- Thanks for your post really. I really didn’t want talk about my favorite singer but after I read “queen Bey” I had to respond to make a clear point. Honestly the last draw for me was when “Queen Bey” said this in her post “we all know all rihanna stans are jealous because beyonce is always on top meanwhile rihanna has to get her *** beat in order to finally get attention. LMAO” . I was like, I have to respond to this even if I’m not a big Rihanna fan.

  45. If you love Briney,Celine and who ever else go to there post :hater:

  46. LMAO @ the person trying to down beyonce by trying to compare famous white women in the industry sales, to Beyonce’s. LOL Beyonce is a BROWN sista honey, whether you like it or not. And for someone of her color to even do half of what she’s done is a huge accomplishment. Hell, even if she was white, she would still have a huge career compare to alot of people.

  47. Too bad Britney Spears couldn’t outsell Beyonce this time around like so many claimed she would. Yeah, Britney does not have to splash herself everywhere because the media does that for her. And someone like Rihanna promotes just as much as Beyonce. She has been everywhere milking “GGGB” for the past two years. And the last time I checked Rihanna only got to five #1 singles after this last album, her third (3 off this last album alone), and Beyonce just released her third album.

  48. @Queen bey im a beyonce fan as well but your comments were a little to much

    @lady, hey sweetie! shoot if i was ina photo shoot like that i would be oiled down too! haha thats what the men like (i think) hehe

    @muimui i 100% agree with you, i love beyonce and of course i wish everyone else liked her too but the fact is that will never happen and i will never try to change anyones opinion…i dont care much for Celine Dion but i do acknowledge her achievments and i never take that away from her, she is truly talented and i will never dog her out, i have no reason to but at the same time though i know shes a great singer i dont really care for her music, same with beyonce i dont care if people dont like her for whatever reason but when people just dog her out i feel like thats not right

    @Kenny i understand that dc was a group effort but at the same time its unfair to take that credit away from beyonce, though i love the members its safe to say that there would not have been a DC if it werent for beyonce period, and even the members know that and theres nothing wrong with thatm…im SURE dc3 are happy to have had beyonce because noone would have known them and honestly thats the same for letoya…not trying to start anything just stating out how i feel about this whole situation

  49. BEYONCE! Grace the cover of Ebony those pictures look better than these.

  50. :iagree: :iagree: Beyonce is a BROWN sista honey…when she wants brownsista money..and thats it!!!!!!!! :iagree:

  51. what is with the fake brown tan,stay pale and blonde oily beyonce that what you’ve always wanted,brownskin is back thanx to michelle,j-hud and kelly rowland.

  52. and lmao at kenny and muimui having to compare beyonce success to white women in order to prove a point. isn’t celine dion like twice beyonce’s age and didn’t beyonce just outsell britney on this album?

    FACT: Beyonce is the most successful black female artist of this generation period. Haters are in some serious denial.

  53. Nasty put some clothes on I told ya/Don’t walk out your house without your clothes on/ I told ya/ Girl in them dukes/ you swear you look cute/ cleavage from here to mexico/ sleazy put some clothes on/ I told ya/ don’t walk out yo heezy without clothes on/ I told ya.

    -Destiny’s Child

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