New Single From Janet

The song “With U” looks like it may be Janet’s single in the US.A promotional graphic posted on the website of Moses Media Inc., a radio promotions advertising agency, claims that the track will be released to urban mainstream and urban adult radio stations on December 11th. & 12th.Similar to the first two singles from “20 Y.O.,” it appears that the song is not being promoted to pop stations and is being focused on urban stations only.There has been no other official confirmation from either Virgin or Janet as to whether the song is actually the next single.


  1. Janet allowing her man to run her album was a big mistake.Janet’s album is real good but why did JD choose to release his first 2 tracks first? Call On Me and So Excited weren’t the best songs on the album but they got released first on an album Janet claims payed tribute to her 20 year relationship with Jimmy and Jerry.Does that make sense to anyone to allow JD to Executive Produce a album about that was a homage to Control, a album JD didn’t work on? JD made the poor decision to release the Nelly track first and that right there killed all the buzz surrounding Janet’s return.The song was just too slow and drab to really get the attention she needed.Couple that with the obvious VH1 and MTV snub and we see why Janet’s album is in the toilet after only 2 months.I hope With You can bring her back but I doubt it.It’s a great love song but once again it is all Black radio and no pop and Janet is a pop artist who needs pop support to really make it.Good luck to Miss Jackson anyway, she is going to need it.

  2. Janet’s album is good, but ur right. Call on me wasn’t the proper on to release. I guess b/c nelly is well known they thought people would be eager to listen. I love the album but its no doing very well.:sad:

  3. Yall are forgetting that POP radio was ignoring janet just like MTV. So why make a pop record when they are not goin to play it.. There is nothing wrong with call on me.. It went number one the R&b charts twice.. it is still in the top 50 on r&b since it’s june release..
    IF the song was that bad, why would it still be on the charts and still being played.. Call on me and so excited were both sent to pop station. they chose not to play it.. jimmy and terry were producers on every song on the album.. along with janet *minus call on me for janet*.. so how is it not a janet j&t album. they included jd’s sound also..

    Janet is not only a pop artist she is a combination of pop r&b and dance. No other artist has dominated those fields on one album..

  4. Yeah pop is giving Janet the shaft too but if the first two singles had been any good they would done better at r&b and eventually pop would have had to come around.Janet’s first two songs just weren’t that good.They were okay for down the line but not for the beginning.People were anticipating heat from Janet and all they got was ice.The summer was wasted, Janet didn’t perform the songs live until a few days before the album was released and hasn’t performed live since.What is she doing? Where is she at.Beyonce is performing everywhere and Janet is somewhere giving an interview telling us how good Jermaine bangs her.The public ain’t trying to hear all that.She needs to release a good song with a great video to redeem herself and fast.

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