New Site Design

After many weeks of testing potential new designs for this site I have decided to go with the theme you are all looking at now. I originally used this theme some years ago on my personal blog and after many hours of tweaking I was finally able to get it up and running properly on this site. I would really like to hear what everyone thinks of it and most of all if you are experiencing any problems. The look of a design can vary greatly from one browser to another, so what I see using Firefox and IF 7 may not be what you see using Opera or IE. Please note that the site is still a work in progress and little things like the missing smilies will be added back shortly.

By the way, this theme wasn’t actually designed by me. The designer is David Wetzels.


  1. I like the theme a lot. One thing I have always liked about the site is it’s uniqueness comapred to many others. I’m loving the pretty pink color and the cursive writing of the tiles is a cute touch. One gripe is the pop ups I got when I came to the site yesterday. I don’t mind ads but those pops wps were just everywhere.I haven’t gotten any today and I hope it stays that way. Other than that I’m cool with the design.

  2. My favorite feature so far is actually the numbered comments. The sleek black header is really purty too. Like Daana the pop ups were killing me yestrday but seem to mostly be gone today.

  3. I like the scripted titles! And it is easier to quickly see the recent comments now that they are placed on the right of the page.

    Thanks for making the images that were right aligned on the homepage smaller and more discreet. When they were larger, I wasn’t able to check out the homepage at work because they appeared bigger than life on my monitor.

    As much as I like this new, edgy black & white with pink highlights, I must admit I’m going to miss the brown color scheme. It was so soft and pretty.

  4. I like the color scheme and I also agree that I like the numbers next to the comments, it helps when you want to back track. I do miss the animations that we had before. I will miss the brown scheme too…. but over all its nice 🙂

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention I like that you’ve added link to the next and previous articles right before the comment section. I don’t recall if you had that feature before, if so, my apologies for not noticing it earlier.

  6. It’s clean; makes good use of CSS. The titles are nifty. I had to re-up as well.


  7. Loving the new look! I enjoy your website a great deal.

  8. Okay I have fixed the site and hopefully the smilies work for you all.Please let me know if something doesn’t look right.I am using IE7 and Firefox and all looks fine.I am particularly interested in how things look on IE 6 as most people who come to the site are using that browser. Opera browser users can speak up as well.

  9. I love it. Stylish and sophisticated. Very feminine but in an elegant way.

  10. Haven’t been here in a few days and thought I was on the wrong site when I first got here.I’m feeling it though.The pink is feminine and matches the theme of the site.Overall I’m liking it and ii loads faster.

  11. I’m still thinking about it. I kind of miss the old brown scheme, and the script writing is a little hard to read. I guess it will have to grow on me

  12. Give me a day or two and I will have something installed that will allow you to chose whatever theme you like.i have it installed already and it works but it needs a bit or work.When I have it working I’ll post up about it okay 🙂

    And what brown theme? I didn’t have a brown theme.It looked green to me :confused:

  13. Thanks.

    That wasn’t brown? I guess it was kind of green, now that I think about it. Anywho, I liked the old scheme, but this is definitely cute and girly :thumbsup:

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