New Stacey Dash Photo Shoot & Interview

Stacey Dash recently sat down for an interview with photographer Kate Szatmari and shared her feelings on the death of 32 year old actress Brittany Murphy, whom she co-starred with in the 1995 cult classic ‘Clueless.” The actress also talked about her enduring career in Hollywood, which few people know has actually last for over 20 years. Check the excerpts below…

Stacey on the pitfalls of fame: “I think at times celebrities can’t feel human or normal and experience the pressures of having to put on a show. I think that would wear anyone down and make them reach for things outside themselves to fulfill what they can’t seem to get from within.”

Stacey on the responsibly of celebrities to the public: “We have access to millions of people. We have the power to encourage, inspire, and bring hope. Unfortunately, we also have the power to discourage and destroy. It is very important for each individual to realize we can make a positive difference through the songs one chooses to write, a role one chooses to take or one’s everyday involvement through various charities and community projects.”

Stacey on why she wanted to do a reality series: “I want to make a difference and inspire! I would like to show that celebrities are not different than anyone else as it’s often assumed. We experience the same basic need for survival and the pressures every day can bring.”

Stacy on the death of good friend Brittany Murphy: “When I heard the death of Brittany I was in a state of shock and filled with sadness. She was a sweet, funny girl with this incredible light around her. To have her leave us so soon is a great loss.”

Photography by Kate sZatmari
Excerpts via Kate sZatmari Blog


  1. Damn, her and Halle Berry are seriously the business over 40. Not aging at all! And I love, love, love Kate Szatmari.

  2. We get it Stacey. You look great at your age. How many naked pictures will it take before you are satisfied with making this same tired point? Are you an actress or a nudist? You haven’t done anything worthwhile since Clueless. Oh well, if azz shots pays well, why not. Right?

  3. I agree SOPHISTICATED LADY. She comes off as desperate now. She has nothing going on and yet we see her all of a sudden posing half nude all the time and doing a bunch of rap videos with men young enough to be her son. She is devaluing herself by hanging out with all these low class men.

  4. @TOY I agree they are some beautiful women and age gracefully ….but as far as a reality show goes….I mean do Reality show’s really make a difference & Inspire? lol I don’t think so

  5. Stace is so pretty.
    I likes the middle shot. Dope.
    I’m ready to see her do something- acting or hosting… anything worthwhile.

  6. Yeah I mean what is she doing now? She is lovely but it seems like all she does in photo shoots now. I don’t get it.

  7. She wanted to make a difference and inspire the world.. please you don’t need a reality show to do that. She just wanted to draw a paycheck because her career is blank. She hasn’t even made to playing the side kick black friend to Diane Lane. Maybe if she had some actual talent.

  8. She’s beautiful, but I feel like she can do so much better.

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