New Taco Bell Commercial Is A Slap In The Face Of Hip-Hop

If you have not seen the new Taco Bell commercial, then please see below. In this commercial Taco Bell clearly makes a mockery out of Hip-Hop. A culture that is near and dear to a lot of people including myself. It is clear from this commercial that Taco Bell correlates Hip-Hop with girls shaking their asses, platinum piggie banks being walked with silver chains, a bunch of white boys bragging about their money and cars and other material items. To top it off the commercial was 2 minutes long as if it was a real damn song. There probably was a staff of older White gentleman sitting in a board room thinking this is funny and cool. The kids will respond to this. I am torn in this because clearly there is Hip-Hop in existence that exemplifies exactly that……

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  1. “The troubling part is that they would not have this ammo if the Hip-Hop community did not give it to them” -quoted from

    EXACTLY! More and more I see commercials mocking todays rap music and the sad thing about it is that these rap artist today are too ignorant to recognize or even care they are being made fun of and are considered a friggin joke.
    For them it’s, “as long as I got my paper, I ain’t worried about the haters.” When really no ones hating on them but mainly annoyed with their lack of intelligence.

    I don’t even consider todays rap music Hip Hop {with the exception of a small slew of artist}.

    I thought the commercial was funny though and they did an excellent job making it look & sound like an authentic rap video/song… funny to see Saleisha from ANTM in it.

  2. The video is kind of funny but I think Hip Hop is trashy for the most part. They just about the bad things in life and make it look glamourous but getting shot and selling drugs isn’t glamourous it’s stupid and deadly

  3. Hello to everyone on Brown Sista website. Well to get this started off Taco Bell knows what they were doing in this commercial, they were trying to bring in more sales to their franchise. They know the American public is stupid and will buy into anything that is on television. Why not use hip-hop because they know hip-hop is a big influence on people lives globally and will bring in more money. Television have made society so materialistic now art is imitating life.

    “It is clear from this commercial that Taco Bell correlates Hip-Hop with girls shaking their asses, platinum piggie banks being walked with silver chains, a bunch of white boys bragging about their money and cars and other material items.”

    Hip-hop died out along time ago when the artist sold-out and allow the music industry to take control of the artwork and created a image they wanted to sale to the public. Look around in most areas in the black communities you will see the same image with our black youth walking around with chains, a bunch of black young men & women bragging about their money and cars and other materials. They are selling what the public enjoy watching and doing.

  4. :iagree: sad that this is happening but even sadder that some of what was stated in the commercial was true.

  5. How come when blacks constantly down grade over selves it’s ok. Soon as the whites jumps on the piggy wagon all the blacks want to holler racism. Change starts with us damn it. Mike sung it best β€œMan in the Mirror”. Matter of fact I’m not even offended because this video does not represent who I am as a black 25 year old male.

  6. Alright Shanequa and Andre!!! :iagree: I think We need to be mad about the apathy of the majority of Black people who have the power to put something like this to rest (the power of the Black dollar goes far)…

  7. hey ya’ll. :brownsista:
    this isn’t the only commercial that has used so called “hip hop” to puch their products. i’m annoyed by it and sometimes feel disrespected by them but what can ya do. i just don’t watch tv anymore. :loser:

    anyway….the commercial is very idiotic. :noway:
    peace. :dance1:

  8. :stop: don’t blame the followers, blame the leaders, the rappers nowadays that think that all u need is girls half naked, shaking their a$$es to get people to buy their stuff.Hip Hop is DEAD or maybe is not what it used to be. i miss it πŸ™

  9. Ha, I watched that commercial. It’s ridiculous isn’t it? Looks a mess doesn’t it? It’s much worse when it’s not a mocking joke, but someone’s sad attempt at real music today. Chains, Video Girls, Money…they all correlate with Hip-Hop, because that is what the Hip-Hop community seems to have become.

    I don’t see how people can get upset when it’s the truth. This doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when I see most of the crap material artists put out featuring the usual “Black People Gone Wild” images and people accept it as music and just fine.

  10. Honestly in my opinion this commercial is really just one big joke… Now if that joke was meant to be played on “black folks” or “the hip-hop generation” it has failed miserably, because quite frankly if anything the people who made this catastrophe and the people in it are the ones looking more like fools than anybody.

    On another note, they might have really thought this corny madness would really help them fit in with today’s society – you decide

  11. Either way I can’t stand HipHop. Most of it is some of the most tasteless crap I have ever been forced to endure. SouljaBoy anyone? 50 Cent? Jay Z?

    I am tired of seeing Black rappers throwing money in the air (so TACKY), tapping women’s butts, objectifying women and glorifying violence and gangsterism and thug life.

    Seriously, most of the Hip Hop industry needs to be shut down. I cannot think of one thing of value that HipHop adds to anyone’s life.

    Sure there are the quality HipHop artists like Mos Def and Talib Kweli but unfortunately the better quality rappers or whatever are mostly drowned out by the trash otherwise known as the never ending retinue of Lil’s Whatevers.

    I cringe because I’m Nigerian and I go to school in America and every time I think about the fact that people I encounter on a daily basis may look at me and because I am a Black person they may unconsciously somehow associate me with Hip Hop and all it stands for I want to curl up in a corner and cry.

    If Taco Bell is going to make fun of Hip Hop then it’s a good thing in my book. Why can’t these stupid Hip Hop artist provide positive examples for young Black people? Everywhere I look there are young Black people that want to be rappers and every second word that comes out of their mouth is bitch or nigger. It’s disgusting. Half of them can’t speak English properly and then they develop these retarded views about women and beauty ideals from watching terrible channels like BET (arguably the worst and most brain-rotting channel in the world).

    If these so-called HipHop artists would dress like the grown men that they are for once, speak properly for once, invest their money in progressive social projects, and present an image that is upwardly mobile FOR ONCE then maybe young Black people in America would bloom under positive and progressive role models and wouldn’t be subject to half the degrading stereotypes and assumptions that they are.

    The Hip Hop industry is a big pit of shame. Nothing else. Sure it’s provided money for a lot of people and it’s a huge source of the wealth of numerous young Black millionaires, but has it provided any of the usual trappings that come with such wealth? No.

    Has it provided superior education, better social etiquette, class? No. Just look at T.I.’s wife Tiny or whatever her name is. A more crass individual I am yet to find. Or Lil’Kim, or any of those horrid people that one finds so easily in the entertainment industry.

    Please, people need to start reading good books and leave BET alone.

  12. Before I saw the video I said to myself most Hip Hop commercial wise is a slap to the face of Hip Hop lol smh. I thought the commercial was funny and if they are making a joke out of what popular Hip Hop which sounds more correct then you know what applaud Taco Bell for making fun of what it really is now. Now that I’ve seen it lol I feel like most of these mainstream rappers should feel mad because YES YOU DO LOOK AND SOUND THIS DUMB…but w/e get money right?

  13. They are only doing what they see young black people doing on a daily basis. So if you are mad at this then you should be protesting hip-hop in general. You can’t pick and choose when you are offended if one set of group of people that looks like you and I am sure most of us on this blog are doing this kind of activity but then when a corporation does it in their commercial you become angry. That is all hip-hop is a corporate ran organization where white men sit back and become filthy rich while allowing black men to disrepsect their culture, women, and race.

    So be mad at all of it.

  14. truthfully i could care less about the commercial cuz i don’t eat nasty Taco Bell and i don’t support 90% of “Hip Hop” AND i didnt want Saleisha to win ANTM lol

  15. It seems to me that many of us are holding on to this romanticized image of Hip Hop as some “uplifting, voice of the people, generation X” type of genre. Perhaps that was once the case and maybe it still is today to a small degree, but we’d be totally remiss to overlook what Hip Hop has also evolved into– booty shaking women, money, cars, glorifying non-black women, jewelry, lavish lifestyles, and the list goes on. You ladies see it so there’s no need for me to further expound. However, I will say this–I’m actually glad to see that this commercial is making a mockery of Hip Hop because quite frankly, a lot of these artists have done it to themselves. It’s embarassing and it’s time they be called out by somebody other than old school hip hop heads.

  16. Wait a minute i’m a young black person and none of the ones I know myself included do any of that on a daily basis lol I don’t even eat at taco bell more than once a year….just throwin’ that out there.

  17. Also, I just want to add that it’s not necessarily the case that Hip Hop has “turned into” a genre of meaningless content because if you think back even early Hip Hop music was materialistic, glorified violence,and objectified women. I think the difference now is, this type of content makes up most of the biggest Hip Hop songs getting airplay whereas back in the day, it was a smaller market.

  18. @EBZ202: I wasn’t talking about you or your friends. I was talking about the people in the videos. The artisit and the models. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that this ball of negativity does not have an effect on our communities. We never had so many communities that are so out of control. I am not blaming all of that on hip-hop images, but, too many of young people try to immulate the images they see and it is devastating on them. I see so many young people get turned down for employment because they have a ton of tattoos and don’t know how to speak just basic English.

    It is time someone stood up and spoke the truth about this hip-hop mess.

  19. Are the any well known African-Americans that are rich without working in the media or the entertainment industry? im not talking about entertainment lawyers…..i see a growing beautiful trend of young,decent,elegant,educated,intellint African-American men immigrating to South Africa and they are realy thriving.

  20. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    LOL @ the outrage. Are you guys serious? I mean really? This isn’t the first, second, or hundredth commercial of this nature. Why the major grievance with this one?

    Eminen has said and done worse in the way of disrespecting black people, both on and off his the mic. But then again so do over 90% of black rappers.

    Moving along. Nothing to see here.

  21. I didn’t watch the commercial, but I get a pretty good idea of what was in it b/c the images that you described are used in many other commercials. Honestly I don’t see it being a slap in the face to “Hip Hop” b/c “Hip Hop” doesn’t enforce those types of images. “Rap” is the one that the commercial thinks is a joke.

    “Hip Hop” is a art form that can take intelligent stances on things in that happen in this world. It knows how to have fun & entertain w/o being lude, crude, or just plain out right rude. This art IMO died out in the late to early 90’s & only has a handful of the artist from the past & from the present to carry it on. Since “Hip Hop” focuses on the positive & knowledge thru music, mainstream has done away w/ it b/c they can’t see making money from it.

    “Rap” is the form of music that carries that “if it don’t makes dolla$, then it don’t make cents” attitude. It is the one who likes big chains, big booty girls, disrespects, & is only into material things. And since so many ppl seem to like it, it makes a heap of money. Hence why mainstream LUVS it. “Rap”, YES born out of “Hip Hop’ became it’s own creation & has become MORE popular than it’s “parent”( think of the wayward child). It is it’s own “person” & NOT a reflection of the past. So you have nothing to be ashamed of b/c that video represents NOTHING of “Hip Hop”. It’s ALL about “Rap”.

    P.S. for the record other forms of music have had this trouble, can we say 60’s & 70’s rock vs. 80’s Glam rock.

  22. typos:

    Things THAT* happen IN this world


    Late 80’s* to early 90’s

  23. if there are available,i think people like Oprah have to hype them up,like she does with other young white entrepreneurs

  24. @Lizz: Trust me, South Africa is the WORST place an African American could go. SA is pretty much American Racism Part II: The Beauty of In your Face Racism.

    Forget South Africa. Any of the West African countries I totally agree but South Africa is a death wish for African Americans. Unless of course you really, really enjoy racism.

  25. Well semantics and how you word stuff is important. While you’re talking about a certain type of folk you can’t really refer to or talk about one group when you only mean a certain type. You said they are only doing what they see young black people do on as daily basis but now you mean the artists and video models. I don’t fool myself about anything I try to avoid that on a daily basis too.

    @ Blame It On The Rain true stuff but for a laugh watch the video plz lol.

    @ SUGABELLY loi co-sign I’d take myself to somewhere in Ghana or Nigeria first.

  26. The reason advertisers do what they do and how is because to them this type of behavior is accepted and often admired by those who purchase the music and watch the videos. So they are just trying to cash in on what we are presented to them as being representive of who and what we are. We do it to ourselves.

  27. @Ebz202

    I am quite sure that it is hilarious, but Iam too lazy to watch the link LOL. I’ll get my laughs when I see it on tv πŸ˜†

  28. @sugabelly you are not answering my question about african-americans who are raking in money outside the media and entertaiment industry e.g. industrialist,software designers and so forth,most people that i know who are in those fields are African immigrants or children who are direct line of immigrants….FYI the AA people that i meet on daily basis appreciate the opportunities that they experience in my country and they understand that we are a 15yr old young democrasy…just bcoz you had a bad experience dsnt mean your experience will apply on another person and lastly am not inviting anybody to south africa,i was just sharing an experience…if heat and overcrowding rocks their boat then nigeria is the place.

  29. That is Saleisha in the commerical eating the burrito or whatever it was. Remember her? she won America’s Next Top Model a few cycles ago.

    As for the commercial, it is really too stupid to comment on. They should stick with the little dog.

  30. Lizz and Sugabelly, how much do u guys actually know about South Africa? Yes we have lived thru racism but we are not what u think we are. Sure there is still racism but its all over teh world. In urban places like JHB, that stuff is not all in ur face. Please read a book or come visit and get a clue. I think the most annoying thing is african americans or otha african that come here and are only interested in seeing the stereotypes. There is a lot going on here which is why ppl keep relocating.

    SA has become the # 1 spot for other africans to come try make a life.The issue is that they too have been “poisoned” by hip-hop culture. U find guys from nigeria coming here falunting money and trying to get a “light skinned honey”. The saddest part of that is that it leaves out a lot of girls from their own countries. the fact that the whole lite skin/dark skin happens in Africa is testimony to the fact that these kids take what they see on TV as gospel when it is just trash.

    We need to do better as black ppl. Let’s stop making men like 50Cent role models, lets pick real men whitha real future like Barack.

    Love is love

  31. Modern HipHop is dead. All that is left is a rotting corpse consisting of dried out bones – its lifeless skull portraying a frozen perpetual scream.

    Or a coonfest, at best (pull your damn pants up, son!) Period.

    Ironically, Taco Bell is just one more rat pickin at the tattered remains. Ha! I’ve already mourned and made my peace.

    I’ll just stick with the classics, thank you.


  32. @ Rene
    Absolutely nothing!

    The video was hilarious!

    For many in this economy it’s all about dimes nickels and pennies. (contorts body to serch for coins under the front seat of car)

    Amen Shanequa & Andre Le Dale

  33. I think mainstream hip hop is a slap in the face to hip hop. This commercial is just an extension of the tom-foolery going on. YT will continue to copy what we put out there. It’s not their fault.

  34. @Lizz: Sorry I’m coming back to this thread way late. I didn’t realise you asked me a question.

    @Nubia: I’m Nigerian, I’ve been to SA. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it only last year that you guys in SA were murdering Nigerians, Zimbabweans and anyone that wasn’t South African?

    And South Africa is NOT the number one place for Africans to make a life. Nigeria is. South Africa is more visible on a global scale because of its white population. Nigeria has the far more promising economy.

    And I think I’d rather live in Nigeria and hold my head high than deal with ANY kind of racism, in your face racism or any other sort.

    And if you knew anything about me you’d know that I read books, probably much more than you do.

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