New Teairra Mari Promo Shots


  1. I like the nude look of her makeup. That fur though….is it real? :bag: PETA! 😆 They’re just ‘okay’ images. She’s very pretty though.


  2. I think that she is working on an album that should be coming out soon. I like the photos. Very daring for her. I am getting tired of that hairstyle though. It is ok to change up, TM.

  3. I think she looks cute.
    Love the jacket. Is she a model or a singer. BOTH?

  4. To Honeydrop.

    She came out at the exact same time with Rihanna. They were both on the same label, people even went as far to say that one might get more marketing than the other. Jay-Z said that they both got the same treatment. I myself thought that Teairra was gonna outshine Rihanna, but it was the other way around as is obvious. Do a search on utube and her videos will come they might ring a bell to u.

  5. i hope she is not doing a j.lo and beyonce thing here,just hope the fur is fake,i dnt support cruelty towards animals,its cruel for what they have to go thru so that a human can look stylish and expensive……she looks simple and stylish in pic……i know this not the place but since there is not post about it,i might as well talk about it….it has been reported that jennifer hudson is getting back to work for the 1st time on february the 8th paying tribute to Neil Diamon….

  6. i cant wait for her album we need more people other than beyonce on the scene

  7. I can’t get past the dead animal she has wrapped around her to really look at the pics! UGH! Not feelin fur AT ALL!! :stop: :thumbsdown: :noway:

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