New Tracks From Ashanti?

Ashanti While browsing Janet Jackson’s official forum I came across what was said to be two new tracks from Ashanti’s upcoming album. All the members were raving about the singles and as I listened to them my sentiments were pretty much the same. The songs, if truly hers, are a departure from what you would expect from Ashanti as the lyrics are extremely mature, with not even a hint of her trademark Murder Inc. sound. However, the singing on both these tracks are so good that I wondered if it was truly Ashanti. The first track, More Than A Melody, sounds like something Diane Warren would have written for Whitney Houston back in the day. It has a very Greatest Love Of All feel and the vocals are just extraordinary.

If these singles really are by Ashanti I expect her to really surprise a lot of people and possibly even pull a Mariah Carey by having one of the biggest comebacks this year.

Listen for yourselves:

More Than A Melody

Spend The Night


  1. Spend The Night is definitely by Ashanti but More Than A Melody, I dunno know. It sounds a bit like her but yeah the singing is just too too good to be her. I could be wrong though. Maybe until now Ashanti has never really shown us what she can really do vocally. You never know 😎

  2. I think she’s been brushing up on her singing, maybe taking extra lessons. I’m sorry but those songs were boring to me. Nice for Ashanti but boring. She needs a HARD comeback!!!

  3. You know I have never in all these years heard Ashanti sing. I have never seen a live performance of hers. Until I hear her sing I can’t tell if the first one is her or not. Let me hit up You Tube and see if I can find her singing live then I’ll be better ablet to tell if that is her really blowing like that.

  4. Ashanti can actually REALLY SING peoples. If in doubt hit up youtube. Ashanti just has so many haters, but the girl is actually very talented as a song writer and singer. Her singles for previous albums never really allowed her to showcase her full singing talent and potential.

  5. I just found this clip on You Tube of her singing Rain On Me Live. She has a voice but it still isn’t as powerful as the one on the song above. I just don’t think the Melody song is her singing. I like the other one though.

  6. Those songs were not written by Ashanti that’s for sure and the vocals were good but not great so it could possibly be Ashanti singing.

  7. I am very surprised with her vocals but it’s not a HARD come back. I agree she has been brushing up on her skills.

    Let face it she’s the underdog and I want her to come back hard. Is she still under Murder Inc?

  8. More than a melody is a gospel song by Yolanda Adams. It does not sound like Ashanti at all, to me.

  9. Both songs are old and both are sung by Ashanti…

    She recorded “More Than a Melody” when she was 16 and it was released on an unauthorized cd called “Can’t Stop”. It is a re-make of a Yolanda Adams song.

    She recorded and WROTE “Spend The Night” for Concrete Rose but it didn’t make the cd.

    But if you like those songs heres is one off of “Collectables” that I really like produced by full force…

    Or check out the new song with JE…

    Yeah I’m a fan!!

  10. OMG I love I found you!!!!! Love it I so can relate!

    But I was SURPRISED on the vocals from Ashanti. FUll force produced this!? WOW! She sounds really good. Go Shanti!!!!! 🙂

  11. Good morning yes it her she had a singing coach to help her out. I really like ashanti she a classy girl and have it going on. It seems like everyone get a bad rap and she one of them. Now we seeing the new and approve ashanti i think she going to make a big comeback like mariah. U notice she been gone trying to see how she going to break through like when she first came out. U go ashanti do the dam thing. Love your site.

  12. rnblover: i was thinking that the melody song sounds like a teenager. doesn’t really sound like ashanti but i can believe that was her back in the day. the vocals were ok…




  14. I confess I loved Ashanti a few years ago for that one hit single but was over her within the same month. She proved unable to both sing and move on stage as the singing she did was studio strong but stage weak.

    The first track could very well be a young Ashanti – sounds like a teenager is singing it. And the lyrics are absolutely beautiful. As far as comeback – come back from what? IMO, Ashanti never reached any major headliner status to begin with so she can only continue to rise from where she is now.

  15. ^^She did blow up during the same time Tweet came out and kind of shut her down and now out.

    Ashanti is growing on me. I cheer for the underdog and she is.

  16. I have heard Ashanti live and the girl can sing. Her song choices have never shown the range of her voice. She sounds very good and controlled – but back then she was trying to do to much. Trying to prove she could sing without just SINGING!!!!

  17. Ashanti never reached any major headliner status to begin with so she can only continue to rise from where she is now.

    ^^^FALSE! WHen ashanti debuted she had the highest selling debut ever for a female artist and had 3 songs on the billboard hot 100 that had never ever been achieved by an artist(s) since the beatles. When ashanti 1st came out she was a HIT, with singles like ‘foolish’ and ‘always on time’.

  18. yeah, she sounds good.
    i will support her album.

    people say she she cant sing but she sold alot of records, compare to rihanna who always has #1 hits and cant sell a thing!!!!

    dats good she write he own stuff.

  19. Gosh ! More than just a melody took me back to the 90’s ballad. Luv it! :mrgreen:

  20. this is not news…ashanti could always sing…it was that damn stupid music they gave her! she performed on the ellen show, and they showed a clip of her vocalizing! off the damn chain! go ashanit…you don’t have to be a one trick pony like some people to be considered talented!

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