New Tyler Perry Film Clip

The trailer for Tyler Perry’s new film “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” is here. Starring Taraji P. Henson and Mary J. Blige, the film revolves around April (Taraji), a selfish and misguided woman who is forced to take care of her sister’s children. It’s a classic Tyler Perry film… which means it’s a hit. Expect a 20 million dollar opening weekend and another notch in Tarji’s ever expanding acting belt.

The film opens September 11th.


  1. IM not exited, seems like a Str8 to DVD, dont get me wrong, i love TP’s Work, but this dont look good to me.

  2. Tyler Perry makes the same movie over and over every year. I always just wait until it shows up on cable.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Mary can act. I know don’t wanna have Nia Long get all up in her grill LOL.

  4. I will be going to the movies to see this opening weekend. I love all of Tyler Perry films.

  5. Mary looks good, taraji is going to get that Oscar, I wish Tyler could get the recognition he deserves that man is good, and i am so loving Madea

  6. Im going to see this when it comes out. I have all his plays and movies. So i be supporting it. Go TP.

  7. I can’t wait. A family that preys was different from the rest, and Madea goes to jail was just funny. It looks pretty good to me.

  8. Yeah it seems like TP makes the same moves over&over again. But we will still watch it lol he gettin’ that ARAB money LALALA

  9. Woo..Papi is fine! Sorry, been drooling over Adam Rodriguez since his CSI days..
    Back on topic, yes, Tyler Perry’s movies are usually very predictable and the story lines are simple, but the man is creating jobs for people of color in Hollywood. Period.

  10. I co-sign with prettylady, if Tyler wasn’t making movies in his OWN studio then ALOT of actresses would still be missing in action. His movies are helping people and they don’t portray all the negativity so you can’t knock him for that. I believe he will venture out into other aspects but for now this is working for him. Once again he has his OWN studio he can do what he wants when he wants to. How many people can say that??

    I am though waiting to see the film he said he wrote just for Jennifer Hudson, he said he would wait until she was ready. Now that would be a powerful movie.

  11. taraj is such a good actress, she needs movie with lots of beef and potatoes to showcase her incredible acting skills. mary looks good with that dark hair style, she needs to stay away from those short blonde hair style.

  12. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be dragged to this movie as our monthly girls movie night out with my older sisters and cousins. That’s the only way I’ll go see TP. Not a fan of his movies. I’m only 21 and I’m getting tired of the stereo-type movies he makes. I kinda liked Family That Preys, mostly the end. Same movie as Meet The Browns and Mad Black Woman to me.

  13. WHOOOOOO papi! Sorry ya’ll he’s half the reason I check for CSI MIAMI HELLLOOO lol. I got mixed feelings about this movie though *sighs*.

  14. I will support him because he contributes to our community. Did you hear about what he did for those 60 plus kids that were denied from going to a pool because they were black? He paid for a trip to Disney world for all of them. Yall keep supporting him, I know I will.

  15. Yep Ima go see it..Taraji came along ways,Im happy for her though. Yep Madea movies always predictable but he give the black community something to laugh and cry about and keeps black hollywood employed.

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