New Whitney Promo Shots

Hey Brown Sistas. Check out these new “I Look To You” promo shots from singer Whitney Houston. Her people sent them to my people and promised we’d do lunch- lol.

Images by: Michel Comte


  1. Cool pics. The one in the middle is a little strange though. It doesn’t look like her.

  2. Odd.

    The one in the middle also doesn’t yet look photoshopped and shows the pits in Whitney’s face.

  3. Looks like the old Whitney… I love it, this is how she was looking in her preacher’s wife days. They look like something for a musical or something.

  4. Now when I entered this site and saw this story, I said to myself, now why does Brownsista have this ancient pic on this story, but since you say these are new, I can only say one thing, very nice. At 46 she still looks 32… I could have sworn I saw this somewhere already though and not recently either!

    The tongue pic must be a joke, whoever released that cannot be serious, I mean really…

    Whit, Love ya, keep it up, go with God.

  5. What!! I think the second pic is so FIRE. The other two pics are classy and beautiful, but yet simple.

    I’m preparing myself to play Whitney if a movie is ever made on her. I’m watching her interviews, vedios, and movies. When I watch her vedios I study her movements,her facial expressions, her everything. I dance along and sing with the songs. I’m taking acting classes. I really want to play her. I can relate to her when she said she played herself and her light down for Bobby.

  6. Oh, I am glad she, along with God’s help was able to turn her life around and stop using drugs. I hear that it is an extremely hard habit to break. All things are possible to him that believes.

  7. She reminds me of her character Julia in “The Preacher’s Wife” in these pics. I swear, this looks nothing like what Whitney looks like now. Are you sure these are new pics or just new to the public?

  8. Ok, enlarged the pics, taking back my previous statement. She know she look like her mama.

  9. Hopefully, she will realize that she is a natural beauty and talent. And when she’s ready to date, stop looking in the hood, and go the international route. Go after the international businessmen , something. Even if that means going to India and meeting a Bollywood star. I would be so disappointed if she remain in the ghetto looking for a man.

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