News Brief: Jill Marie Jones, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, and More

ASH VS EVIL DEAD SEASON 2 RENEWALJill Marie Jones’ new Starz drama Ash vs Evil Dead has been renewed for a second season. The really interesting part about this news, however, is that the show’s premiere episode isn’t scheduled to air until until October 31.

Starz clearly has a lot of faith in the show, which is expected to air in over one-hundred countries simultaneously. The network has a history of handing out early renewals, usually citing strong affiliate demand.

Here is some news for you Kerry Washington fans. The Scandal star and her cast mate, Katie Lowes, are set to co-produce a new Shondaland dramedy for ABC. The as-yet-untitled series will center on the lives of a group of nannies, and be shot in a similar style to that of the British comedy Upstairs, Downstairs.

HALLE BERRY AND OLIVIER MARTINEZ DIVORCINGNext up we have Halle Berry. The 49-year old actress is set to close out 2015 on a very low note. Not only is she divorcing her third husband, Olivier Martinez, she’s also been dealt a career blow, with her CBS series Extant being canceled after only two seasons.

The Steven Spielberg produced drama got a complete overhaul for season two, but still couldn’t bring in the big numbers CBS expected. Truthfully, the show was better suited for a network like Fox. CBS is the number one network on television and if you can’t deliver at least 10 million viewers and 2.0 demo, you’re not going to last very long.

Finally, we have Gabrielle Union and the ratings for Being Mary Jane’s season 3 premiere.

BEING MARY JANE SEASON 3 RATINGSAccording to Nielsen, BMJ returned with a series low of 1.7 million viewers and a 0.9 demo. It appears fans have steadily tuned out, and I can’t say I blame them. Being Mary Jane is a sad and never ending woe-is-me story that few, if any, black women can actually relate to. The network’s careless promotion of the second season also turned off fans, again, myself included.

The show’s Facebook page went the ratchet route to play on stereotypes and fears in order to entice fans to watch, but ended up offending them in the process.

Given this is a cable network, the ratings may be enough to keep it on air for another season, even two, but after that I suspect BET will give Mary Jane her walking papers.


  1. Jill Marie Jones career has been on the uphill for years, she deserves it.

    Being Mary Jane, I watched a few minutes of Season 1, Episode 1, and turned it, couldn’t deal with the depressing stereotype of Mary Jane being the breadwinner of her family, and their never-ending “Good Times” saga. Then I tried to watch an episode last month and had to turn it, so depressing. Watching t.v. shouldn’t make you feel bad about life, and that’s what Being Mary Jane does for me. Interesting, Mara the showrunner created Girlfriends, and that show was funny, but that show went downhill when Jill Marie Jones left.

  2. I stopped watching in season one but did eventually catch up when I binged watched season two on Netflix. I agree it’s depressing and can be painful to watch at times. Mary Jane Paul is pretty and smart, but still her world is a mess. She can’t keep a man because they’re either married, gay or serial cheaters. It’s like they scoured the internet for every single black woman stereotype and just ran with it. I miss shows like Living Single, Girlfriends and especially Soul Food. Please bring those kind of shows back and keep Being Mary Jane and Zoe Ever After which looks just as bad.

  3. Halle has only been married for two years. Her marriage had to be bad since almost the beginning. Most people don’t automatically think of divorce when things get tough. They try to work it out and when all else fails they separate and then file for divorce. To me this is just another example of why I say marriage guarantees nothing. Oprah and Steadman been together thirty years. When love is true, that’s all you really need. Halle needs to just stop now. She and Jennifer Lopez seem marriage hungry. Into it for the looks, but not willing to do the long term work.

  4. I’ve been watching Being Mary Jane from the beginning, and while yes its stereotypical, depressing and eye rolling at times; I do enjoy it for the most part. I will continue supporting the show, as I like Gabrielle Union, and the show does have some good elements. ex. I like MJP’s profession and her Latin friends side story.

    As for Halle Berry, the man in her life needs to be Jesus and then her children; it will give Halle greater perspective when choosing a mate. I love Halle and I hope she finds her way. I watched Extant, but I cant say it was a great show, too many confusing plotlines going in every direction. Halle will bounce back, as she always does. I would like to see Halle in another television show in addition to her movie career, however she should stay out of space. A show that’s politically driven, like a Good Wife/Madame Secretary or a doctor/lawyer (Mysteries of Laura) show, would suit her.

    As for Jill Marie Jones, I would normally support her, but I am not into the demonic type shows. Sleepy Hollow is as far as I am going, and I hope that show stays on the air, because I am liking season 3.

  5. Halle is an amazing actress hands down. I was watching Extent live and pvring it at the same time. The funny thing is I somewhat understood the storyline, but at times I was like what just happened? Halle does need to be given better roles I totally agree the only thing that she be in space is comets and stars. LoL

    I have been pvring Being Mary Jane haven’t watched an episode yet thus far this season. I am looking forward.

    Sleepy Hallow is my all time fav! I must say they struck Oil… This season looks like its going to actually have a captivating plot. Last season almost going off the air are they serious ??? I am glad the show is back and holding its own.

    Cheers to new seasons and captivating plots.

  6. It’s really a shame how the people at BET view Black women. They constantly get it wrong. I tried to watch the first episode of BM this season and Mary Jane just isn’t likable. I usually disagree with about 70% of things she say or the way she goes about it. She means well though.

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