Black Women Are Not Jealous Of White Women

Vancouver woman Bethany Storro recently stirred up a sensation in the news when she attempted to use one of America’s long standing traditions of racism invested in deep rooted superiority complexes as her explanation of why her face had been covered in acid. That being that a Black woman was jealous of her and decided to display that emotion by viciously throwing a cup of acid on her face. Bethany Storro has now recanted her story saying that the acid attack was in fact self inflicted. The attack by a stereotypical, jealous, vengeful Black woman was indeed a lie.

Deep, long, hard sigh. Now that I have that out of the way I can fully explain my frustrations with Storro and other White women who think like her. First of all, I need for everyone to come into the year 2010. Not all Black women have low self esteem issues which fuels their jealousy of White women. To be honest, many of us do not find them to be a threat at all. That is not to say that we do not see that society places their pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes on some sort of majestical plateau. It is to say that we do not buy it. We notice that society sees White women as the pinnacle and example of what beauty is. Sure we are annoyed by it and even hurt at times. However what keeps us from ever wanting to do physical harm to a White woman due to any feelings of supposed envy is the fact that WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED. We are no longer under the spell that society and America in general has placed on us in thinking that we are second best.

With that being said, not every woman of color strives to be like a White woman. Not every woman of color sees the White woman’s face as the status quo of beauty for which to be sought. I say the following with love and in complete honesty. There truly is no disdain in these words, just pure honesty. Some us could care less about what is happening with White women, how they feel towards Black women, and have no intentions on comparing ourselves to them in hopes of one day looking in the mirror and being considered the “fairest of them all”.

What I have seen recently is that Black women are finally coming into their own. We are embracing our curves, our full lips, thick hair, plump backside and all of the other cocoa shades of the rainbow that we come in. We no longer live under the deception that White women are the only race of women to be coveted. We see that women of other races watch us, mimic our natural beauty with surgeries, implants, tans, weaves, collagen, booty pads, fat transplants, injectibles, fillers, water bras, and any other tools of transformation that they can get their hands on. Some women will risk death to attain the beauty and features that we have naturally. This self actualization is what has gotten us pass the point of being jealous of another woman because of her supposed superior physical beauty. Especially a White woman’s standards of beauty.

So when I heard the story in the news about a Black women throwing acid on another woman’s face because she was jealous of her, and please excuse my frankness, I knew it was bullsh*t. I knew that there was no way that a Black woman would be that cruel to a woman of another race over something as superficial as her feeling as though the White woman was more attractive than her. We as Black women are simply not in that place mentally any longer. We finally get it. Now society and America has to as well. Black women be proud. It took us years of pain, tears, self doubt, frustrations, inner turmoil, and self loathing to get to this place. But we are here. Embrace it.

La’Juanda “LJ” Knight


  1. I’m glad the bull was called out. It’s just another “blame it on a blackie” story. Ugh. Remember the pizza guy who got himself blown up by his friends? He initially said a bunch of black men did it.

  2. Oprah fell for this bullcrap as well and wanted to have this woman on her show. The only reason this got so much press was because this woman claimed a black woman did it. Her sketch didn’t even look like a black woman to me but if any of you really looked at that drawing of the fake assailant you would see that the woman looked like Obama. Whites are freaking out with Obama in office and losing their darn minds.

  3. I was skeptical of this story from day one. Like LJ said black women aren’t the slightest bit fazed by white women. We are not the type of people to do such drastic things. We are used to being black and have learned to deal with the negatives of being black and female in this society. I agree with you too JBL, I saw the Obama connection the minute the sketch was released.

  4. PREACH! lol. But I feel you’ve neglected the fact that this over display, imposing, of WHITE being “right” is just propagated because its a sincere attempt on that “Divide and conquer” theory. Its just a fabrication of the truth. A “front” if you will… but as Black women, we really see what’s going on.

  5. @kytoy: That is so true, this just goes to show how divide and conqueror is the theme behind all this white woman is superior and the black woman is inferior, yet many women who are non black are trying to get the fuller lips, wider hips bigger backside and tan that is a well known fact that characterizes the black woman’s physical appearance. Love the thoughts on this article and the article itself.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this! I didn’t disagree with not one sentence. “WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED” Hello!!! If that isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is…
    I just learned of this story like yesterday, and when I did, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. And to hear that Oprah was buying into it is shocking. I really hope that wasn’t the case.
    But now I’m curious to see this sketch to see the Obama resemblence. YT folk really are losing their minds with a black man in office… it’s comical to me at this point,,,…

  7. Some generalizations here & there, but I have to agree. People were so quick to point out, oh of course a black woman did it. She was jealous of the “pretty white girl”. My ass.
    These women that feel that way need to get over themselves.

    They should take a long hard look in the mirror & see who their real enemy is. Not a black woman.

    And how appropriate that her initials are B.S!!

  8. Jealous of what? PLEAASEEEEE….lol. Yeah When things such as this happen, it does not surprise becasue I am already aware of how HATED we truly are….We are blamed for EVERYTHING, even the white woman not liking herself.

    Maybe a sister won the affection of a man she liked?….what was HER reason?

  9. Jealousy isn’t the issue, here in America there is deeprooted issues that stem for generations back. After all if we looked at history accurately it would be understood that We (Black Women) Are The Mothers of Humanity. Now as of present day White women and Black women will never be ONE LOVE. And Its alright, We can tolerate each other, some black women even going as far as to have white women be there friends and such things…but Its not necessary, and its a culture issue. Black Women with Knowledge of self know exactly what the european culture is about. White women, have their fun being with black men and whatever but that doesn’t give them a pass, and typically white women who raise black children have issues dealing with their childrens will and spirit…its unfamiliar to them. I believe we should be seprate, but we are in an intergrated society so tolerance is a must…but There is no Jealousy…If anything I realize that they worship us, which is why they go to such lengths to change their physical appearance. So who is actually Worried about who…??

  10. Are you kidding? You’re a journalist? You do not even use proper English. Women are JEALOUS of other women. Doesn’t mean black against white, or otherwise, necessarily. However, it is in the news all the time about how black girls victimize other girls. So, you’re saying that black girls do not beat up, cut the hair off, razor-blade the faces of girls in school who are light-skinned black girls? Oh yeah! It happens all the time. And, it happens because the victims are lighter-skinned. As much as you would like to think that black women “get it.” You’re wrong. No one is spending money on surgery to flatten their noses, and no one is going to the tanning salon to get that muddy, brown look. Tanning has always been a part of the white culture’s beauty regime. And the lips? That started because of Julia Roberts (not black) and the big butt started because of Jennifer Lopez. Again, not a black thing. No white woman wants to mimic black features. Black women have silky weaves; they get their noses fixed all the time to make them look more caucasion. How come many black girls who used to be medium to dark brown are now soft beiges and tan-colored? Who’s trying to be whom? Black women will always covet their white counterparts for the most part. Unless, of course, they are successful and confident, and usually, those black women look like Beyonce or Vanessa Williams. I hear it all the time from black women insulting white women, just for being white. So, sista, this white women doesn’t buy it, nor do any of my black girlfriends.

  11. Black women ARE jealous of bi-racial women on up to white women. Getting pissed at the light skinned girls in the videos cause thats whose the singers choose over the typical black woman with their features. White women dipped in chocolate is envied.

    These ridiculous lace fronts worn are a reflection of self hate on the black womans part. Black women always buying hair texture that doesn’t resemble their own and people of other races are laughing like hell at that shiny ass synthetic and Indian hair black women swing thinking they are cute and pulling it off as their on. And none of this “well, white women wear fake hair too!” IF and WHEN they do,which is mostly in Hollywood, and the few you black women wanna claim you see on the streets doesn’t reflect most white women. White womens hair is wash and go and I don’t know one single white female who wears fake hair. It is mostly black women and thats a fact. Black women spend more on hair products more than any race of women in the US.

    So you must be jealous of somebody if you can’t walk out of your house wearing your non-relaxed natural hair instead of a lice ridden lace front made from a Indian woman who shaved her head for religious reasons. Perhaps your jealous of her….

  12. Patrice , First of there are plenty of white women , who wear weave that are not in hollywood. Weave is not just a black thing, or a hollywood thing so think clearly before you open your mouth. There are plenty of sista’s who choose to wear their natural locks, or choose to straighten their hair because they can and its their choice. Yes there are sista’s who choose to wear weave to add or enhance their beauty , but nonetheless it does not make them. And yes while white women naturally have longer , thinner hair, they suffer from compexity issues. Ass injections , Lip injections , Botox to look what 5 years younger, Tanning, the list goes on . While we black women have issues, guess what many of us our educated, we are intelligent, we have beautiful bodies that just about everyother race glorifys, we love our CULTURE and EMBRACE who we are as a people. We have nothing to be jealous of , that shipped has sailed and so has yours. So the next time you want to educate ppl on a topic , get your facts straight cause you sound like an ASS.

  13. Debbie , So sucessfull black women only look like beyonce and vanessa williams. I suppose they dont look like Angela Bassett , Tamala Jones, Nia Long, Taraji P henson etc. What planet are you on ? Niaomi Campbell is one of the worlds most sought after models , and she has no skin colour my dear , close to beyonce or vanessa williams. Its misinformed WHITE WOMEN like yourself that need to be put in your place, due to the fact that when you open your mouth all I hear is GARBAGE !!!!! Have you not seen Ice T’s wife CoCo thats butt implants their my friend , you didnt think that was natural did you ? And as for surgeries lets not go their We dont have to inject our lips , we like they face were born with. This is no longer a time where we dont like ourselves beacuse of how coveted the white woman , once was !!!! key word (once was). Again White women are attractive, but with your race no variation,no colour . As a black woman were a range of shades. Colour is so beautiful when you have different shades to choose from , then again I dont expect you to understand, but your black friends will.

  14. Liyah here you black women go again saying that “plenty” of white women wear weave which is just your way of trying justify the reason why black women wear it. Why are white women your measuring stick?

    I don’t see “plenty” of “sista’s” wearing their natural hair. Yeah not all are embarrassed by their own hair but most are! And wearing fake hair to “enhance” their beauty is utter crap. Why you wearing East Indian hair knowing good well your hair texture is far from that? People ARE snickering at black women who do this. Not just your measuring stick the white people but also those East Indians! Laughing their tails off ….HAHA!

    And your broken record of the same list well white women get: butt injections…now tell me what plastic surgeon performs butt injections? Never heard of a FDA approved injection for the butt!
    Only you black women go to Mexico to get illegal silicon injections to have rap video hoes butts.

    I can certainly tell you I haven’t met one non-black woman ever vocalize her desire to look like a black woman! Thick over weight thighs, big shelf butts, nappy hair, wide bell pepper noses, etc… Those are not desireable traits anywhere in the world.

    Again on your sista defense list you throw out how educated black women are. How many other races of women gotta use that to boost themselves? They get educated do their thing and never bring it up. “I’m a strong, independent black women bullshit”. Broken record anyone? If you all are sooo intelligent why you keep picking men who are no good? Then you wanna blame them. Take some of that intellect you claim to have and apply it.

    Oh and my “facts are straight sista!”

  15. This isnt about “black men” first off so stick to the topic. Let me educate for the last time, because you seem as though you have an issue with black women and how we look and our beauty. In brazil my dear, they have the highest rate for plastic surgeries, that includes butt injections , botox, and a nose job, they are not black. It seems as though you have an issue with us black woman, for whatever reason and its sad and unhealthy. Beyonce is a black women with thick over weight thighs, a big but, but slender nose , and she has more than desriable traits I would say. Naomi Campbell her skin is so dark rich and oh so smooth, might I add shes a model, no over weight there, She is beyond beautiful. Jill scott, defenitely a thicker sista, nontheless her beauty is beyond words. The list goes on , this is not only about black women being beautiful , we like women around the world are educated, intelligent and deserve to be seen that way. Our beauty is more than desired, so take your head out your ass. For the men we choose, we dont all choose bad men, with that said “bad black men”. Naybe the ones you have dated , have treated you like crap, but I wouldnt be surprised due to your disgusting attitude. Men are dogs, no matter their ethnic origin, has your mother taught you nothing ? Maybe your black bitter and angry , or maybe your bi-racial as you put it, whatever the case dont let your negative experiences with women of colour,generalize the whole race. Furthermore if you are so appalled by us, then keep it to your self. To think its ok to disrespect black women on a public forum is a low blow, but what do your expect from a pathetic negative person. If I wanted to stoop to your level, I would but Im not into that, why attempt to tear down a whole race, to make your self feel better …. Poor you. I celebrate all women, especially The Black Woman. I know what we have been through, and where Black Women are headed,the world will always try to remind us of why were not good enough ,and thats a bunch of BULL SHIT. We deserve to celebrate our beauty,our heritage, education, and family. If thats a crime Arrest Me … You silly Child. Now that you and I both know you cant do SHIT about that, Im going to Celebrate My Race … Black of Course …

    Yours Truly , A Beautiful Bell Nosed Black Women.


    Yours truly, A beautifu Bell Nosed Black Woman


  17. This article is eloquent but missing one key point. Black men are just as responsible for the nasty myths of the black woman. They want the white woman with the black woman’s body& soul. They want the support but they don’t want the responsibility. Black men openly tell the world that we’re not good enough because they hold the white woman or any non-black woman to an entirely different status. Tyler Perry once said that “you can’t make a trick a treat” but time and time again our athletes and actors and even sportscasters prove him different.

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