Nia Covers Pride Magazine

Nia Long When I got an email today alerting me to the fact that Nia Long was on the cover of a magazine, I was totally stoked. Unfortunately, the text that accompanied the e-mail left me a bit cold. Indeed the lovely Nia is gracing the cover of a magazine, the UK’s version of Essence- Pride Magazine. Unfortunately, the interviewer set Nia up and and girlfriend hit it outta the ballpark. Nia complained about singers being given acting jobs over longtime accomplished professionals- a complaint Samuel L. Jackson made some years ago as well about rappers. However, the interviewer took it a bit further and asked Nia specifically about Beyonce. Below is what the actress had to say.

I didn’t see ‘Obsessed,’ so I can’t comment, but it’s just not about how talented you are anymore. It’s about, ‘How much box-office revenue will this person generate?’ When you see certain people – we won’t name names – they just don’t have the skill, and no one in their team has said, ‘You need acting classes,’” Long replied.

I actually have no problem with Nia’s comments and believe she is absolutely right. In Black movies, singers and rappers are being called in to play roles they are often unfit for simply because they have a built in audience. This is the case with Beyonce, as it was with 50 Cent when Samuel spoke on it. However, I hate that a great Nia article has been reduced to headlines such as “Nia Disses Beyonce”.

Both of these sisters have worked hard in their respective fields and deserve all the success they have. I see no reason to try and pit one against the other, which is what I think the interviewer tried to do.

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  1. This is gonna to get ugly cause the stans have already come out to hate online. They claim Nia needs to step up her game, as if it was Beyonce’s game that got her those acting roles. The same way J-Lo’s recording career tanked when her movie career tanked, so shall it happen with Beyonce. Her music fans buy her clothes and go see her movies. But when the music dies so will the movie roles. Her career will mirror that of Jennifer’s. In 10 years Dereon won’t exist either.

  2. How would beyonce herself feel if a chick got her gigs and contract just because she is more popular and marketable than her? How would she feel knowing that she is the best singer to have people give Rihanna more performances opportunity just because she is more marketable than her? Nia is right and she is confirming what i have been saying for a while now, tho they don’t express it i am pretty sure black Hollywood actresses are pissed! Beyonce getting all those movie roles are not right,Considering the fact that it is clear that she picks movie role only for the money and for publicity, If she really loved acting she would take classes build her craft then come out swingin,I know i am the number one beyonce disser but i never do it just to hurt her or her fans feelings i’m being honnest, beyonce’s greed is going to destroy her, her arrogance is going to destroy her career, and she plain old need to stop, The interviewer did a good thing by setting her up because all that build up anger ain’t good at all, at least she said what she had to say and there it goes.

  3. well, she may be right, but at the same time its not the singers and rappers fault that their name sales more than the actors and actresses

  4. life isnt fair, complaining about it wont help at all. some people are dealt a bad hand but over come it by concentration and dedication. if she worries to much about this than she will never get a new role, she should roll with the punches and try that much harder thats the only way out of it

  5. Hollywood does not believe the average Black actor or actress can open a film so they choose musical acts instead. Years ago artists had to sing, dance and act and many often did all three. Now people just move from one field to the other for ego purposes or to build a career when another starts to falter. Ashanti branched out. Aaliyah did back in the day and now Beyonce. They are trying to have a fallback plan. Some are better than others. I understand Nia’s frustration but I also understand singers and rappers trying to find a way to keep the money flowing.

  6. :iagree: this is so true tho! There’s not HATE here just the truth! Go NIA!

  7. I truly think today’s entertainment industry as a whole is gone straight downhill, from music to movies to television. We are given garbage music and terrible so called “reality” shows as entertainment. What happened to music? What happened to great sitcoms you looked forward to watching when you came home. Our standards just like with everything else is non existent. It’s all about money!

  8. @BEYONCE SWAGGER JACKING AGAIN: in 10 yrs beyonce wont need to work. Jho was never a singer in the first place her ass was more famous than her singing.instead of bitching about Hollywood this and that,beyonce produce 2 movies and act in them. for Cadillac records, she gave her salary to charity

  9. I agree. U have to be careful with the media. They are like wolves in sheep clothing. U can’t trust em and u have to be very careful in answering their questions. They even have set up questions on job interviews. I’m very careful about my responses, even if I have to think & pause for a second.

  10. I know for a fact that Beyonce has trained with some of the best acting coaches in the game – namely Ivana Chubbuck. Look her up – . Ms Chubbuck has an amazing book & acting technique as described in “The Power of the Actor”. Anyway, to make a long story short, my opinion is that Beyonce is very talented – in music and dance. Acting she is not. Even with working with & studying with some of the the best actors & coaches in Hollywood, B’s acting is still mediocre and I’m not sure that it’ll get much better. Her best acting thus far was in cadillac Records but it defintely wasn’t a flawless, totally believable performance. And I’m talking as a trained Thespian of over 20 years. Duke Ellington School of the Arts alumni baby! (Theatre major)

  11. It’s so amazing that people feel that when it is beyonce it is always about greed and more publicity, and if there is any one who says something against the girl no matter right or wrong, people jump on the “keepin it real” tip, people are just waiting on this girl to fail miserably so as to make yourselves feel very comfortable about yourselves. There is nothing wrong with branching out into anything, beyonce never took money out of nia’s mouth, if the producer of the film wanted beyonce to sell tickets and couldn’t get her, he would still get another actress/singer that can get him the numbers. if it’s not beyonce it will be someone else. nia long should stop complaining, and start making opportunities for herself. look at jada, she owns her own film company, she does the movies she wants, casts who she wants, and she is doing well. black women should stop always blaiming the next person for their misfortune. life is about going out to get those opportunities, you think someone sat down for beyonce, NO!!! this is not at all positive, no wonder essence magazine always has jada 20 times a year on their cover, so as to inspire women. there’s nothing inspiring about someone who is always complaining. and further more falling for that black women can never be happy for one another.

  12. :dance1: You know Stephanie. Just look at the career of Diana Ross and you will see Beyonce. The only difference is that Bey has alot of accolades for her talent and Ross doesn’t. Also the sad thing about all of this is her father is who is phucking things up for her in the long run!

  13. I agree with Nia 100% and thats one of the reason why I stop go to the movies.

    Lala: :iagree: and it sucks. I use to love coming home from school just to watch whatever sitcoms was on.

  14. Beyonce fans always think someone is trying to bash the girl. Nia didn’t specifically say Beyonce. I truly believe her comment was universal, not a specific jab at Beyonce. As for my personal opinion, I will say this, Nia is right! As for my opinion on Beyonce, “She’s a good stage performer and singer (that’s it).”

  15. Beyonce is just greedy, end of discussion. She has no respect for the art of acting. Everything this girl does lately is for awards, accolades and bragging rights. Greed and arrogance is going to eventually kill her career.

  16. I feel her frustration, but that’s just the way of the industry. Anyway, love Nia as an actress. Trying to remember her last role though. Beyonce hasn’t been in enough roles to stop folks from eating. Folks might need to re-examine why they aren’t being offered parts.

  17. Beyonce is looking for a challenge, this music thing is getting kinda old and boring to her. She has been doing this singing gig since she was 9yrs old. Time for new challenges, and I think after this she is gonna settle down, have a child, and work on her acting like crazy! Every actor/actress had to start somewhere, you get better with time and she will too.

  18. And another thing, some of these actors and actresses that are complaining about singer/rappers taking their gigs may need to bond together and make thing happen for themselves! Beyonce produced two of the last movies she was in, sometimes you gotta take your talent and drive yourself to success and not sit on your ass and throw dirt sideways!! Not even woman enough to come out and really say what’s good!! If I’m not mistaken Nia got her gigs because of Rappers (Ice Cube and Will Smith)! SMH

  19. :iagree: with Nia Long all the way. I’m not a :hater: just stating my on opinion.

  20. Nia Long is right. Many singers/rappers get acting gigs because of their name and not necessarily because of skill. And that leaves the real actors fighting for roles they actually qualify for. But this is nothing new. Almost any singer you know has had some kind of role on the big or small screen. I don’t agree with those who say that Beyonce is just being greedy. Im not saying she’s the best actor. She’s doing what singers before her has done such as Diana Ross and Janet Jackson.Besides,if you understand how the business works you’d know that Beyonce isn’t the only one driving her career. She’s got plenty of people getting her these acting roles. Would you not try your hand at acting if given the opportunity to be on screen and make some good money despite how well you do in your career?

  21. I LOVE Beyonce, but I couldn’t agree with Ms. Long more. I’ve been saying that since I saw Dreamgirls. I still haven’t seen Obsessed, but I wanted to give it fair chance before I judged. Beyonce is very weak and unconvincing as an actress.I have yet to see her play a character, all they do is put Beyonce up there and call her something else during the filming. I loved Beyonce in the Carmen hip hopera thingy, but it was a musical, Dreamgirls was a musical too, but she didn’t pull the acting off to well.

    This is just like Ciara. Ciara was on the top of the world when she was cast in Mama I want to Sing, her stock has dropped since and since she can’t act they didn’t release it. They don’t care about talent anymore. The music industry doesn’t care about talent anymore.

  22. The problem with her statement is Beyonce is different in that she has been an executive producer of the last two movies she has been in.

    So it is not like she is actually taking roles from any actress. Plus, she used black actors, actresses and directors that aren’t used as much. This type of thing has been going on since Hollywood existed. If she(Nia) wants to do something about this, she need to round black actors and actress to make films apart from mainstream Hollywood support and then there will be more talented black actresses and actors getting roles.

    That’s what Spike Lee did with Do the Right thing and he shamed Hollywood with bringing great BLACK talent. That’s how things change.

  23. Truthteller, Beyonce’s niche IS musicals. That’s where she shines. I do think she’s ok as an actress actually but we all know singing and performing is her first love.

    But again, she is an executive producer of the last two movies she was in and as long as that is, she can be in whatever movie she wants to be. Regardless of her talent as an actress. Just like Tyler Perry.

  24. I say tell like it is. Bey fans always think some one is after her. And as for Mrs.Diana Ross the lady could act. So please :stop: putting that none acting child up aganist ppl that have had success in the acting game. :hater:

  25. I have to agree with Nia. I don’t think she was bashing Beyonce because she clearly said, I didn’t see the movie so I won’t comment. The interviewer was trying to stir things up by naming a specific person as if they were the first to do it. Nia has a valid point often, not always but often singers are not as focused on the movies they do when their main gig is singing. How can you really be focused when you are doing a movie and a CD at the same time? They both demand alot of time and energy. One week you are in the studio and the next week you are on the set. Often something suffers and it is usually the acting. I believe that is Beyonce’s problem with acting,I am sure she tries hard but she normally uses her CD to promote a movie or the movie to promote her CD, clothing etc… Meeting all those demands on your time and energy can spread you too thin and the end result is not what it could be had you given your all to one project. To me that is why Jennifer Hudson did so well in Dreamgirls, the music was put to the side and you know the rest…

  26. Nia Long is somewhat right but remember she hated on Halle Berry too before. Playing the woe is me, I’m dark-skin role and nia is hardly dark.

  27. Another thing Nia must’ve forgot that a good portion of her acting jobs came from rappers. Remember who Ice Cube and Will Smith is Nia?…Will Smith who was once a rapper is now the biggest actor in hollywood.

  28. Aw sooky sooky, this is quite a juicy topic!

    Before I hop on a soapbox and go off on a tangent, I’ll boil my comments down to several points.

    1) @Lala – Hollywood’s #1 priority is, has always been, and always will be about making money, so film studios and production companies will continue to cast the performers who will draw attention to their movies. That shouldn’t be news to anyone, should it?

    2) Melissa made a great point – Beyonce does 2 or 3 films every couple of years at best. Her main priority continues to be her music, which (as we all know) she excels at. It ain’t like she’s playing interceptor between Hollywood and Nia, Sanaa, Gabrielle, etc.

    3) Curtis is another poster with a great point – Beyonce produced her last two movies, which means were it not for her efforts those films probably wouldn’t have even seen the light of day. If Beyonce continues this trend, then it will be up to her whether or not she is cast in the leads for these films. She’s not taking anything away from anyone by creating her own content.

    That’s about it – I love both women, and I too don’t feel that Nia is trying to single out Beyonce, but voice her frustrations. I see both viewpoints. It sucks to have a poor actor in a high-profile role, but how much profit is yielded from a great actor in a low-profile role? It really is a double edged sword.

  29. Nia is speaking the truth. Beyonce is not an actress, I don’t care what Hollywood says. I just heard she has signed on to play Eartha Kitt in an upcoming biopic. Damn shame. How many more roles will this woman ruin? I wouldn’t have a problem with her if I felt like she actually cared about the craft. But, instead I think all she sees are dollar signs. One more opportunity to build up her brand. Ridiculous :bag:

  30. Beyonce’s resume is not stopping black actresses from eating. Two black actresses were nominated this year for an oscar. The problem lies with Hollywood.

  31. Wow the truth hurts! It was true when Samuel said it and it’s true now. :iagree:

    There are a few exceptions – I like that Will Smith just let the music career go – he should have sooner rather than later, but hey! It’s okay if you are superb at them both some folks like Terrence Howard – need to just act and some folks like Bey – should just sing. No biggie.

  32. KSH, I don’t argue with this (need to just act and some folks like Bey – should just sing. No biggie) even though I don’t think Bey is a bad actress but she stands as a performer.

    The problem that I have is with her statement and some of the comments in here is that Beyonce especially her last two movies executively produced them. That means she can cast whoever she wants including herself. Remember what Gabby said about Bey, I love her whenever the check clears. So Bey is not taking away roles from anyone. She is actually creating roles. Whether she is the best actress or not, this is indisputable.

  33. Call me the day beyonce stans can give valid arguments this some pathetic Ish, Saying that she produces her own movies which is why she stares in them is accentuating the argument of her being greedy and automatically making her part of the problem… I’m done way to speak your mind Nia

  34. Voice, are you willing to call Ice Cube greedy because he acted in films that he produced? 😆

    If he paid to make the movie, he can do whatever he wants and it is up to us the consumer to pay for it or not. That’s the whole point.

    Same with Beyonce. Who is to say that next film that she produces, Nia is not a part of it? I mean, when was the last time Gabby was in a film, before Cadillac records? So Beyonce is not part of the problem.

    You can’t complain about the system and not be willing to do something about it. That’s where Nia is wrong. Complaining about Bey and other singers being in movies, especially the ones who produce the movies that they are in, it is not going to do anything.

    That’s why it is stupid when people complain about Tyler Perry, when the man produces his stuff and put black actresses and actors who rarely get a sniff from Hollywood and didn’t get one before he started doing movies and plays. Oh yeah, and he acts in his movies and plays too.

  35. @ first I was one of the main ones thinking Nia was bashing Bee, but not in the way that ppl think. Yeah, Nia is biting the hand that feeds her with that statement. Look at all the singers turned actors and actors turned singers that make her statement false: Diana Ross, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Terrance Howard, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, etc. Yes, I said Beyonce.

    Call it what you want, but she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in Dreamgirls, those white ppl aren’t gonna just nominate anybody. Yes, she has expressed the longing for an Oscar, but remember how she was so uncertain about taking her first role? After she gets good reviews, she got more comfortable, so if u were to blame anybody about Beyonce always acting, blame the critics.






  37. @ Shanice

    most of the people you named have a genuine talent for acting Beyonce is simply one who just doesn’t have it. We are just saying how you don’t need talent to have a hit record and be on the big screen.

  38. @ Curtis

    Executive producer does not equal acting talent. Wether Beyonce produces something or not Hollywood will put her in a movie because she stays on top of the charts. How do you explain Ciara in Mama I want to SING?

  39. @ LEEMA

    You mentioned the fact that Beyonce produced the last movies and that actors need to make things happen for themselves. That makes sense, but the truth is alot of those actors don’t have much more money than you and me. It takes black ACTORS a long time to start making some real money. But popular singers are already making money so they will even get paid more than an experienced person.

  40. Peoplereally need to stop hating on Beyonce already. Beyonce SELLS.! It doesnt matter what it is but she sells it. its not her fault people call her up for movies but if were me I would take the part too.

  41. Wow you are a hater for real and people like you is why Beyonce will continue to prosper. Hatred only limits you because your so stuck on hating someone else for being great that you don’t have the time to realize your own greatness. :hater:

  42. I totally agree with Nia!! I don’t think she is complaining, because back in the day you can still bring in big bucks and have an great actor or actress at the same time! Now whoever got Ciara for “Mama I want to SING” should be slaped! :dance1:

  43. I’m so late!! I’ve been busy with school. I love the new layout. It’s so feminine and high class. It has “lady” written all over it. The colors are lively. I love it.

    Nia is speaking turth, however, if B put her own money into her latest two movies she had the right to choice who would play the part. However, when watching her I feel like I am not watching a skilled actor, but B the singe. Who knows, with time she may get better.

    Maybe Nia, Sanaa, & Gab she start their own production company and put out movies with quality and substance, because a lot of the singers turned actors seems to not be doing it because the are really in love with the art, it’s moreso to prove that they can do something other then singing.

  44. Curtis: I ALWAYS called ice cube greedy, and ignorant,and low class, and disrespectful to black women can i stop now or should i keep on?
    Failed again, People are better off keeping up with the “why should she refuse roles just to help others” when you start saying that she gives herself roles
    you are implying that one she is not good enough to be casted or taken seriously which is true, But you are also implying that she could make an effort and hire sisters since she got all those big bucks to produce movies but she doesn’t so in both cases there is more than enough room to talk,criticize anc or blame, so if you were coming against my beyonce’s next smartest stan challenge you fail again
    and gabby’s “half a minute” in Cadillac records is not even worth talking about it, and when you talk about doing something about it even if we all were willing to put money together and produce a movie to help some sisters out our names are nothing in hollywood compare to beyonce,rihanna,ciara and them , what i am trying to say is with all the power she has beyonce could change things if she wanted too, she has millions of young people blinded by her beauty she could easily change their minds if she wanted too, but again coming back to my original point she is GREEDY, and that would be fine by me if you people didn’t swear she is the best thing since slice bread and she has more money than oprah, and don’t compare Beyonce to tyler perry he not only plays in his movies, he is also a very talented actors, and he hires a WHOLE bunch of people, when beyonce does that maybe we can come back at it.
    Last but not least do you think Nia wants to be seen as the bitter black chick who can’t work because of the marketable light one? I’m sure she doesn’t but damn people need to speak on their anger before somebody gets psycho and cause serious harm to someone, we are talking about people who live breathe and eat acting, seeing roles being literally snatched for him, so yeah movie producers are to blame but beyonce IS NOT that innocent either and it is time for all of you to drop the mask and speak on the truth when it is presented to you
    But sheit i’m just saying i don’t really care in a few years when a fresher and hotter chick will come around because it will happen we will all see how beyonce feel when people don’t even holler at her for performances and endorsements what goes around comes around

  45. Man you’ve spent so much time on this board disputing Beyonce that I’m starting to wonder if you’re a fan and don’t even realize it. Whether you love or hate her, she’s on your mind. So she has you to thank for keeping her a hot topic.

  46. Three things:

    -Nia’s right. She just is.

    -Hollywood is all about that paper and so is Beyonce. They realize she is marketable therefore she puts “butts in seats” (with the exception of Cadillac Records).

    -Nia and others can procure their own “Project Greenlight” and try and get some of their projects off the ground with their own production compannies. Unfortunately, it will be harder because of Hollywood’s ‘place’ right now = $$$ (see Transformers 2 and practically ALL of Michael Bay’s productions).



  47. will smith was a rapper who hogged up roles for years. He wasn’t executive anything. He hogged them roles and was in our face all the time. Will was forced out of making records

    ice cube was a rapper who is doing what beyonce is doing and gave plenty blacks opprtunities even the not so average actors and she is considered very beautiful.

    I didn’t see etta being fit for beyonce, but eartha kit? yes because she was fit nd can sing. A lot of movies of this nature may become the norm.

    Beyonce should execute her own movies to allow herself to take the critic that will come with it. besides she isn’t going to ruin her voice to comprmise her singing career. and some of these movies probably see her as popular to an age group.

    any actor or actress who came up duing the 90’s era know that shows and comedy and such was so stereotyical anyway and no blacks really pooled their moneis together to make a blacker more challenging hollywood. So kudos to bee, ice cube and even ice t and I do miss a lot of the actors and actresses from the past either they got hooked, married, changed in size or something or didn’t do the casting couch. I wish nia the best and I know this shouldn’t have turned into a beyonce thing at all but about nia the actress and this person promoting this mag

  48. Oh snap. Ms. Nia got some balls I see. Kudos to her, I admire her truthfulness. But unfortunately, its all gonna fall on deaf ears I’m afraid. You see, when you have the biggest black pop music star in the world, all people see are $$$$$. And let’s face it. Money makes the world go ’round. Especially with the way the economy is right now (even though its always been that way). Sad, but its reality. I wouldn’t put the blame on the “artist-turned-actor” (and I use that phase lightly) just for simply doing what they wanted to do. Maybe the producers/directors, but not the artists themselves.

  49. Let’s keep it real! Beyonce is not the reason Nia can’t get work! Unfortunately, Hollywood has placed black actresses in a box and have given them an expiration date! Nia is a great actress, but all her roles have been the same type. She’s either someones girlfriend or wife! She has been pushed in a corner. A corner that can be easily filled with the next cutest face!

  50. @Chris I Am Diana Ross was nominated for an Academey Award for her 1st movie role ever. Diana Ross is a great actress and if she didn’t go as a singer she definately could have been a great actress. The difference is if Beyonce had not been a singer she would have never been an actress.

    It is not hating to state the obvious that this girl cannot act. And adults will not go to see her and that is why she changed the rating to that adult subject matter movie so that little kids can go see a movie about somethig they had no business being able to see. Eveyone cannot do everything and no matter how many movies she acts in it’s just not her fortay. YOu have to have some kind of personality or even be able to speak legibly and she has neither. She has no personalilty and she is too gaurded to allow herself to open up and let go to actually become a good actress.

  51. Bey took lessons from Chubbuck and STILL CAN’T ACT, that makes her NOT an actress. Tell it Nia! :iagree:

  52. :iagree: with Nia… Or should I say go see Obsessed, Dream girls…

  53. Bitter are we?! Unfortunately that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes… NOW I love me some Nia Long and I can agree with her on this BUT the roles that Beyonce is getting arent roles that she would have even been considered for anyway…think about it…Maybe she should take up some other talents and see where that would take her. She shouldnt get upset b/c Beyonce is a quad-threat…NO she [Beyonce] isnt the best actress in the world but folks love to see her on the screen. ANYWHO Nia thats not becoming of you to HATE on others that are exploring and perfecting their craft. Still love her though :brownsista:

  54. come on now stop actin like B is the worst actress you’ve ever seen she was REALLY good in cadillac records and she did very well in dreamgirls you could tell she had grown as an actress n its funny how people only put obsessed on their comments like thats the only movie shes ever done

  55. KSH, the point that was making had nothing to do with her talent but the fact that as long as Bey produces whatever movie she’s in, she’s not the reason why Nia and others who are “true actresses” will not get parts.

    If anything Beyonce is opening more doors for black actors/actresses/directors because there is only but so many movies that Hollywood is making and that means so many roles especially for black thespians.

  56. Voice, I have never said that Beyonce is the greatest thing since slice bread. I have defended AND criticized her on here.

    Actually, many who act like you do concerning her do these things because you reach for anything that you can criticize Beyonce on.

    Secondly, you spoke on Gabby’s role criticizing her length in the movie but Beyonce was not even in the movie that long either and it was her movie. Not only do I mention her, but Mos Def and Darnell Martin, a black director in her first movie. Then you have Idris and Jeffery Wright(a black director) in the second movie. Who knows who else she will put in there? It could be Nia. Or Nia could get some of her money to help Bey, her dad, Sony to produce another movie and then she could be in it. There’s a thought that no one wants to address.

  57. Antoya, that last paragraph is summarizes what I have been trying to say in here. People love to complain, but don’t want to be the solution. Hell, most of the time they profit off it whether it is directly or indirectly. If these actresses and actors were smart, they would save their money so they could undertake in producing themselves.

  58. WOW! LOL the new design is nice, but my eyes now have to readjust 🙂 . Anyway on topic. I agree w/ Nia. What she said is true. Now of course the interviewer is tryin to be messy by pinning Beyonce. But this holds true for many other artist.However in all fairness there are SOME artist who do have the talent to act as well as sing/rap. Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Ludacris, & Mos Def( who started out in acting 1st). Those artist have the talent to actually be in a film not just based on the already set fan base, but the fact that they can act. In other words if Queen have never rapped a day in her life & had fans & you see her on the screen, you would say hey she is pretty good.

    Nia will always have a place in Black Hollywood b/c she is 1 of those actors who we seen for years. I don’t believe that she said that to rain on Beyonce’s parade. But this goes back to what we have said on many threads on this site.. that REAL actors get shoved to the back by those who can break the box office & that is TRUTH.

  59. All Beyonce fans on here are ignorant blind fools. if you actually take the time to pay attention, and READ what Nia and the rest of the people here are saying, you will see that they are all making sense. Nia does not have to be BIITER or a HATER, to make that point. for all we know she could be a fan, but she is stating the obvious. she cant act, but yet she is given roles, because she is Beyonce! get that though your thick skulls! she has spent a lot of time building that name for her self as a dynamic performer and singer. Now if she took the time to put more effort and passion into acting, then it will show.that is basically what she is saying. Everyone knows that being a black and successful actress in Hollywood aint easy. in my opinion Hollywood is not for black people. so all those people saying that Nia needs to develop her self, and take more opportunities and make things happen for themselves etc. you seriously were dropped on the head when your mama had you, and you need to go and wash your brains with bleach! (whatever that means). it doesn’t happen like that!

    BTW …Beyonce was not a producer. she aint produce nothing! she and her daddy bought those rights. (production rights) it is every where on the internet. everybody knows that!

  60. Fine**ur right but all those you named can act except Beyonce. Will and IceCube is great on big screen. When icecube acts i don’t see the rapper who was part of NWA talking about murder, i actually see his character, but with Beyonce i can never separate her, the singer, from the actress. Nia wasn’t whining, she said the truth. Yes, we should be happy when our people are doing they thang, but when they deserve it. I have actually met some Beyonce fans who love her but say she can’t act and needs to leave that arena alone. She got $, she does it for ego purposes.


  62. im actually sitting here at my computer laughing its not that serious nia is just stating her opinion so im about to state mine i do feel like she is doing a little undercover hating here if beyonce wants to expand her career she should be allowed to do so to me it sounds like people are mad at her cause she has accomplished so much if it was a man then nobody would be talking but since shes a wealthy and sucessful black women people want to start talking about arrogance and greed now i dont know her personally but i have seen her work really hard over the years and despite people always trying to make the girl have a nervous break down by constantly saying neggative things about her she holds her own in this industry she has worked hard to make a sucessful life for herself look how long she has been singing she wants to venture out and do new things and thats perfectly fine i get what nia is saying i do but i think beyonce loves acting as just as much as the average female actress in hollywood dont bash her just because she was fortunate enough to make a name for herself through her singing career. its true that black women can never be happy for each other its like people are waiting for her downfall women have it harder than men in this industry they have to work twice as hard to get on top and then when they are there people try thier best to beat them down with negativity nia we are sorry that your not booking the jobs that you want but dont be bitter about it take charge of your own career and its a shame that beyonces name has to be mentioned in almost every post that stephanie puts up each day but that goes to show you that the haters are keeping her rich lol!!

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