Nia Long: Almost 40 & Fabulous

The ever youthful Nia Long is entering her 21st. year in the movie making business and the sista shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.Nia, who turns 37 in October, will be starring in three movies this year alone, with one of them, Premonition, opening this weekend.Nia will play the best friend of a woman in a race to stop the death of her husband before it happens.You can also look for Nia to reprise her role as Suzanne Kingston in Ice Cube’s Are We Done Yet, which will hit movie theaters on April 4th.In the meantime you can check out Nia as she walks the red carpet at the Premonition premiere and hams it up with co-star Sandra Bullock.

Nia LongNia Long & Sandra BullockNia Long


  1. I had no idea Nia had been around for so long.She looks amazing and obiously had some damn good genes.When she is 60 she will probably look 40.God bless her.I would love to see what her parents look like.

  2. Go Nia. She is such a pretty girl. Why are they saying almost 40? She’s not even 37 yet. ๐Ÿ™„ The girl got 3.5 more years to go

  3. She’s still closer to 40 than she is to 30.It says ALMOST 40 and fabulous ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. I had no idea Nia was that old.She’s bout to hit menopause :lol2: Seriously though, she looks good to be gettin’ on up there.It just goes to show that age truly is just a number.

  5. Hey yall.Haven’t been here for a while.How is everybody?

    I love Nia but prefer her in Black movies where she generally stars and shines.She became my favorite actress after I saw her in Love Jones.I hope to see her doing more roles like that in the future.

  6. I know she’s close to it but Dang. I know she probably read the article and was like “Damn, let me turn 37 first” :lol2:

  7. This is a new era, where 40 isn’t old anymore. All “Desperate Housewives” actresses besides Eva Longoria are over 40 and fabulous. Angela Basset is over 40 and fab, Jada Pinkett is almost 40 and fab, Chill from TLC too. Janet and Madonna! 40 is really the new 20. So I guess me being in my 20s I’ll be in my 20s until I am 50 years old. And who knows, things may change and 50 may become the new 30. Anyway Nia looks amazing, I wanna be that great when I’m her age. I love the fact that society is more and more accepting that women can still be beautiful and sexy after 35. Shoot, Tina Turner puts some young women to SHAME. ๐Ÿ˜€

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