Nia Long Covers Essence Mag… I Win

Actress Nia Long is gracing the latest (Nov. 2009) edition of Essence Magazine. In anticipation of the release of Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary, Nia, who stars in the film, takes part in a round table discussion with singers Solange Knowles and Ledisi, TV personality Tanika Ray, hairstylist to the stars Ursula Stephen and writer/producer Tonya Lee. The article is titled “The Root of the Issue” and to read it in full you can pick the mag up on newsstands now.

In some other quickie Essence news, several of the sistas here at Brown Sista had a little wager going as to who would be next to cover the mag. As many of you well know, Essence’s covers are not known for being very diverse. They basically have about 5 or 6 women who routinely get covers every few months- sometimes several times a year. I bet Nia Long would get the next cover and I was right. There is also a huge discussion going on via Twitter about this topic as well.

To all of you who owe me money… I take Paypal… pay up ladies… LOL.

Nia Long Essence Magazine November 2009 Cover


  1. I’m not really feeling Nia’s look on this cover…she looks sort of old…maybe its the wiggy hair style…not really sure

  2. LOL You were right. That’s the first thing I said when I saw this cover; yet another recycled celeb.

  3. Sista, i’ll pay when i get my check this week, because i thought it would have been gabby.

  4. Why is she recycled. What do you people like. Everything is a problem for most of you on this blog. A lot of you just complains aobut everything. That is a pretty picture. Nia looks like she’s aged because she has. No one is going to look the same at 40 that they look at 20.

  5. I’m going to see “Good Hair” but why aren’t any of the documentary’s stars natural-haired sistahs?? Just asking.

  6. I really don’t think Nia is recycled or I just don’t pay that much attention to Essence. I know they recycle – Monique, Gabby, Halle, Beyonce, Mary J, Queen Latifah –

    And I am not feeling this cover! That wig is uggghhh.

  7. Bee—I agree with you! Why must you all complain? She looks great! Damn, what are you expecting these women to do on these photo covers???

  8. @Bee & Rightway

    The problem that most have is NOT w/ the women featured on the cover of Essence, BUT w/ the magazine using them over & over & over. It’s like the mag is scared to find/use NEW beauitful & smart sistas on the cover. Don’t you think that it’s pretty sad when you can guess who will be the next cover & surely enough every time you are proven right? I know it’s kinda sad.

  9. HELLO. I was right too. I predicted Nia and Gabby would be up next. I was doubly right lol.

  10. I agree – time for Essence to step out and put some other faces on the cover!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nia Long, but goodness, I have several covers of her already!

  11. I wasn’t saying anything against Ms. Long. I love Nia. I love most of the celeb women Essence magazine repeatedly puts on their cover. I’m just acknowledging how it is now as opposed to ten years ago when not only celebs shared the cover but models and regular black women. That’s all I think anybody is saying. Essence used to be more cover-diverse; now? Not so much.

  12. @Kanyade, I totally agree.
    I’m sure it’s b/c of the general public’s fascination with pure celebrity. Same with Vogue, solely putting celebrities on the cover instead of the models that dominated pre-2000 covers. These magazines should go back to their roots! It would be so appreciated, b/c while they THINK we want the same celebrities, we WANT so much more from them.

  13. Nia Long looks great. I like the cover..she, halle and alot of other black women 38 and up look better than those 38 and down. ITA, they need to start being back the models, women in the educational fields, women behind the media or the beauty industry and definitely actresses who don’t normally make it on here.

    To tell you the truth, Essence hasn’t been the same ever since Susan L. Taylor left as editor-in-chief.

  14. It doesn’t even look like her – why did they have to airbrush what was already a great face?

  15. i’m not liking this picture of nia. essence really needs to get it together, there are so many more black women and men they could put on cover, yet the only man they ever use is will smith. it really sad that they are this predictable when it comes to their magazine covers. they should really read the blogs

  16. @ XIOMARA,

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Since Susan L. Taylor left. YESSSSSSSSS! I so agree with you on this!

  17. @ BLAME IT ON THE RAIN (& others)

    Thanks for breaking it down for me-lol! I wasnt understanding what most of you were saying. It sounded more like you all were knocking these women on the magazines. But with your clarification, I comprehend that the frustration is with the repetitive use of these same ladies on the magazine! *wink* Gotcha!!! 🙂 I could agree there. I dont read the magazine too often so when I see these ladie’s on the mag, I just think good for them and Im glad to see them on there. But I guess Essence could do more extended research and uncover more talented black women in this world!

  18. OMG!!! you are so right they are not diverse they choose the same women. I’ve sent them an online letter and told them I was rallying up the troops if they place beyonce on the cover one more time!!! It was sickening!!! To be a black magazine I felt like it was in the 60’s when they would match paperbags to the color of black women skin to see if they were light enough. God forgive me and forgive them

  19. Nia stars in the film. Now I’m confused, I thought it was like a documentary, anyways she looks cute.

  20. The picture is pretty, it just doesn’t look like Nia, who doesn’t need to be photo-shopped to this degree.

    I don’t like the picture, Essence used to have awesome covers, but that was before they were sold.

    The goal is to make us more and more invisible, on television and in print with images that cater to a white culture. When I see Jazmyne Sullivan still under the radar in pop culture with her talent, it boils down to image and skin color.

    Lighter is back…a comfort zone…

  21. Essence has to put on the cover who Warner Bros tell them to put on their. They are just like BET and soon to be Ebony &Jet they are no longer black owned. And the reason the same celebrties are featured on everything is because we run out and get and see everything they do.

  22. Wow… they airbrushed her so hard she looks like a low res game character. Would have been nice without all that.

  23. There’s a recent cover she did with her son on BCK and she looks great, natural. This picture, I gotta agree it makes her look old, and what’s with all the light make-up?

  24. This picture seems to change her (or what I perceived as) her whole personality. Still beautiful, though.

  25. If i was to walk past this picture with out seeing a name, i would say, “she looks like Nia” this is a ok pic however toooo much airbrushed, smh, nia is already cute

  26. When I saw the magazine on the newsstand, I couldn’t figure out who it was. It wasn’t until I actually picked up the magazine and read the cover that I knew it was Nia. I’m not feeling this picture either. Nia has the most amazing skin; it seems as if this photo is covering that — too much. As for change of faces on Essence covers, I would like to see Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams of All My Children grace the cover. These are two phenomenal, Emmy award winning actors, and I have never seen them on any African American magazine cover. Debbi is beautiful and has the most amazing skin as well. Come on Essence, stretch out a bit. There are so many other African American celebrities out there to choose from. As a matter of fact, I plan to write Essence to suggest Ms. Morgan and Mr. Williams for a cover.

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