Nia Long Covers Essence

NIA - ESSENCE - APRIL 2014 (140x140)

Ageless beauty Nia Long is once again gracing the cover of Essence magazine.

The “Single Moms Club” actress is promoting her latest Tyler Perry film, which hits movie theaters On March 14th.

In a candid interview, Nia talks about raising her two sons primarily on her own, thanks to longtime love Ime Udoka being on the road six months out of the year.

Nia met the San Antonia Spurs assistant coach almost five years ago and says with the help of her mom, the pair “make the situation work.”

“We maneuver the best we can, but six months out of the year, I am a single mom. This year was particularly tough,” Nia says. “I’ve worked more than I ever have since we’ve been together.”

Despite labeling herself a single mom, Nia says she didn’t find her role in the film easy, adding “It took Tyler some convincing to get me on board.”

Once signed on, Nia said her only goal was to bring “honesty” to the role, which she said came easily with her son Maissai on the set.

“This was his first acting job. He trained with my old acting coach, and my mother videotaped him on her iPhone and sent it to me. I had tears in my eyes. I forwarded it to Tyler and said, ‘Don’t be afraid to tell me the truth.’ I felt like I was up for the job. I didn’t hear anything for 48 hours. Finally, my agent called and said he got the part.”

Next up for Nia? She’ll be heading down to Atlanta to shoot the sequel to “Best Man Holiday,” due out fall of 2015.



  1. She is so desperate to get a man she pretends she has one. She asked that guy to be a sperm donor because she couldn’t get a husband.

    I’m sick of the she so beautiful lie, when she is only AVERAGE.

  2. @Donna – You are sick because Nia is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!

  3. I pity her. She is obviously very depressed and cries constantly. Being a single parent of boys with no man in sight for an 44 year old woman and her 70plus year old mama is not good. She’ll be 65 when that boy is grown. Poor thing but she asked for it.

  4. I don’t know why folks are so hard on rich and famous BLACK women who have babies while not married. Nia is a single woman, but not a single parent. The father is present in the children’s lives and Nia’s. No one was upset when Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian birthed children while unmarried. Kate Winslet been married three times and all her children have different fathers who Kate herself admitted were no longer in the picture. Kate even said her children don’t need fathers because she is both mom and dad. While I don’t agree with that, I think its safe to say rich folks kids are not doomed to fail in life or be losers because there is no father around. As long as the children are loved, grow up in safe neighborhoods and get a good education, they will surely do better than the kids of most people who sit online and complain.

  5. Sista I agree with you on this. I think that as a women we are perceived to have everything together, mother, wife, cook , chef etc. Love is not something easy, it takes work and commitment. It takes patience, respect and understanding. Alot of woman do not have that in their relationships.Some women contribute to a failing relationship, so do their partners. Women need to support other women and not tear them down in the process, in the case @joyce and @Donna. A man is a great thing, but its only great if he is a great man. Life has no guarantees and neither does love. If you have found that special someone kudos to you and may you both have a blessed life. However, in the interim of things let Nia do her !!! we dont know her “desperate” situation as you call it. Not all men that glitter are gold and not all beautiful women have the best of luck in relationships just because their beautiful. Ladies , we must do better.

  6. Nia Long my twin according to everybody I know. @Sista I love what you said about Nia being a single woman not a single parent because yes there is a difference! Black women are always so hard on each other and always calling each other out. I think its because we are so hard on ourselves.

  7. Great words coming from Sista and Yannica, especially the words “A man is a great thing, but its only great if he is a great man” !!! For some reason women of color are so hard on themselves and the generations teach that a woman is not complete unless she has a man in her life. Nia Long is a perfect expample of the opposite. The comments by Joyce and Donna are examples of the poison passed on to our women. Great discussion Ladies !!

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