Nia Long Covers Jet Magazine


Nia Long is covering the latest edition of Jet magazine. The 42-year old ‘House of Lies’ actress has been enjoying a career resurgence these days, landing a role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming ‘Single Moms Club,’ as well as reprising her role as Jordan Armstrong in ‘The Best Man’ sequel, ‘The Best Man Holiday,’ due out later this year.

Nia is also expected to return for the third season of ‘House of Lies,’ and continues to voice the character of Roberta Tubbs on ‘The Cleveland Show.’

Nia spoke of the challenges she faces juggling both home and career, and revealed her part-time single mom status due to her fiancé Ime Udoka’s working in another state.

Excerpts below…

JET: Everyone’s buzzing about you reprising the role of Jordan in The Best Man Holiday (out November 15). The original was definitely a classic film— but it’s been almost 15 years. Why do a sequel now?

We made magic together— so many people say that to me. And because I love the cast. The film’s director, Malcolm Lee, has been talking about it for some time and finally announced his plan during a recent cast reunion dinner.

JET: Any details you can dish on the movie?

Well, we’re not shooting until late April in Toronto so I can’t say much, but everybody is really excited to revisit our stories and find out what happens next. Where is Jordan now? Did she get married? Did she break up a relationship? It’s like reading a great book; you want to see what the next chapter is.

JET: You’ve been part of several iconic flicks, like Boyz n the Hood and Love Jones, but we hear that acting wasn’t always your dream career?

I wanted to be a pediatrician. One of the most life-changing challenges I experienced growing up was realizing that there simply wasn’t enough money for me to go to college. So I decided to focus on working. I promised that I’d give myself one year from the day I graduated from high school to make moves in the business. I was acting since I was 15, and I really wanted to help my mom, who was struggling.

JET: But your current career path isn’t necessarily the most stable…

That’s very true. Actors only have job security from the time we’re on set until they say cut. But, deep down inside I knew it would work out for me. Luckily, I was also naive. What’s the saying? Ignorance is bliss. I had a wonderful acting coach who didn’t focus on fail-ure, only working.

JET: Speaking of success, you’ve been in a relationship with former pro-basketball player Ime Udoka for almost three years. How do you make it work… especially now that he lives in another state?

Ime and I are very much a family. We’re both committed to being good to each other and being great parents. He operates on faith, and we share that. If not, it would be difficult to maintain with him working as a coach in San Antonio. The challenge is the times when I’m exhausted and here with the kids by myself. I have homework, bath time, dinner, laundry and all the other things that every mother has to do because, in essence, I’m physically a part-time single mom.


  1. Love Nia’s look and obviously a new photo. Fantasia should have been given the same respect. The editor should be fired, especially for her nasty retort on Facebook.

  2. Yay for a new movie! Beautiful black ppls. Nia doesn’t age. Just gorgeous 🙂

  3. Everybody’s always talkin about Halle Berry, JLO, etc. Nia is where it’s at!

  4. Nia,so simple and fresh……..(breathtaking)……42,wowza.

  5. I absolutely adore Ms. Nia she’s a great actress, she had ageless beauty, I’m her #1 fan shes awesome

  6. I absolutely adore Ms. Nia she’s a great actress, she has ageless beauty, I’m her #1 fan shes awesome

  7. I absolutely adore Ms. Nia she’s a great actress, she has ageless beauty, I’m her #1 fan shes awesome

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