Nia Long Returns + Tyler Perry’s New Movie Poster

Actress Nia Long’s three year absence from the big screen is about to come to an end. Not only will she reprise her role of Jordan Armstrong in the sequel to Malcolm D. Lee’s hit 1999 film ‘The Best Man,’ she will also be appearing in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film ‘Single Moms Club.’

The plot reportedly revolves around a group of women from various backgrounds who are brought together after a tragic incident at their children’s school. Nia will reportedly play an actress in the film and will be joined by her real life son Massai Zhivago.

Nia’s stint on the small screen will also continue via the Showtime dramedy ‘House of Lies.’ Nia is joining the cast for the second season, along with her ‘Love Jones’ co-star Larenz Tate.

… and getting back to Tyler Perry for just a moment, his next film, ‘The Marriage Counselor’ has a controversial new name and new poster to boot.

‘Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor’, is the new name and will open in theaters on March 29, 2013. You can check out the first poster here, which is raising all kinds of eyebrows for a film that was originally supposed to be sending some sort of moral message.

Tyler usually releases several movie posters before an official one is chosen. Let’s hope one with the stars’ faces eventually makes the cut.

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  1. i thought the marriage counselor was gonna either be more along the lines of why did i get married: comedy, drama but still lighthearted…enough. or maybe it would be a comedy.

    now it seems like trois 2: pandora’s box. oh well.

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