Nia Long’s New ABC Comedy May Never See the Light Of Day


ABC May Have Shelved Uncle Buck

So, what’s going on with Uncle Buck, the new ABC comedy starring Mike Epps and Nia Long? I periodically find myself looking for the show on HULU, only to come up empty handed. I finally checked the ABC press site, but that yielded little to no answers as to why the show has yet to air, despite it being screened to members of the press months ago. After a bit more digging I discovered the show has yet to be added to ABC’s winter line-up.

When the network announced premiere dates for shows like The Real O’ Neals, Fresh Off the Boat, and others, Uncle Buck was simply left out in the cold, and with no answers provided as to why. I saw the pilot episode, and while it didn’t wow me, it wasn’t a stinker either. As a matter of fact, I considered it a nice pairing for Black-ish, another ABC comedy that features a quirky middle-class black family.

Hopefully the show hasn’t completely been shelved and will get a spring release date. Nia Long is one of my favorite actresses, and while Uncle Buck isn’t necessarily the type of show I wanted to see her in, I was still looking forward to seeing her on my TV screen weekly.

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  1. Aw man. I love Nia Long, so I really hope her show at least airs.

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