“Pink Friday” Hits #1 in the U.S.

If anyone of you guys have been watching the charts lately, then you know that Nicki Minaj’s debut album “Pink Friday” has been hovering around the top of the album charts for weeks now. The hip-pop diva almost landed the coveted spot three weeks ago but was bested by “Iron & Wine.” Since then the eclectic crooner has seen his sales slide, however Minaj’s have remained strong. Finally, after eleven long weeks of being inside the top ten, Minaj has snatched the #1 spot for herself and her legion of frightening loyal Barbie fans.

According to Billboard, Minaj sold 45,000 copies of her “Pink Friday” album last week and in doing so, finally crossed the million mark (1,035,000) in sales. It should also be noted that aside from having the #1 album in the country, Mianj also has the #1 rap single (Moment 4 Life) and is the only female rapper ever to have a #1 album and single on the charts at the same time. She also becomes the first female rapper to ever have two #1 rap singles from the same album.

Congrats Nicki !


  1. Congrats Niki

    *Cough* Rihanna when will you get ur #1 Album? Next Week?

  2. good 4 her and her sheeple. -if they say hog poop tastes like sugar, i still won’t eat it.

  3. I thought the cd entered the charts at number 1. Seems as though there were a lot of hoopla around the release and the amount sold. Oh well…

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