Nicki Minaj to Join American Idol?

Is Nicki Minaj fit to judge the star potential of another human being? Well, if Hollywood Deadline is to be believed, the producers of American Idol think she is.

Nicki has reportedly been offered the spot vacated by singer Jennifer Lopez, who announced her resignation last week.

With ratings falling and the age of the average viewer rising (50), the show’s producers are reportedly looking to pull a ‘X-Factor’ move, bringing in younger judges in hopes of attracting viewers from the coveted 18-35 age group.

HD also reports that rumors of Mariah Carey (42) and Aretha Franklin (70) being considered are false. An insider says Franklin has contacted producers, but at her advanced age and recent health problems, there is no way she would seriously be considered.

And in the case of Carey, again, her age is a factor. At 42, Carey is considered to be a veteran of the industry, and would not attract the fans base AI is looking to recapture.

As for Minaj being a suitable replacement for Lopez, or anyone for that matter, I can’t complain. Her talent level is about the same as that of Britney Spears who was brought in as a judge for the second season on ‘X-Factor.’

So what say you guys? Is Nicki Minaj ‘American Idol’ material?


  1. Of all the srtists out there why is the network looking at Nicki? I think they should go after Mariah ….

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