Nicki Minaj Finally Comes Out

Nicki Minaj has finally come out… on the cover of “Out” magazine that is. The 25 year old rap legend in the making is covering the magazine’s 4th Annual Tastemakers issue… and doing so in true Minaj style. The cover features an animated Nicki, wearing a colorful ball gown and bouffant hair-do, all while being splattered with paint. Love or hate this rap diva- she sure knows how to take a pretty picture. She gets a thumbs up from me on style alone.


  1. I’m coming OUT! I want the world to know, I’m gonna let it show…

  2. I like the cover. Perfect ‘doll’ pose and I love the dress and the up-do.

  3. *sarcastically speaking* Legend In the making…lmao that is too far fetched but I like her style, hair, and make-up on the cover of the magazine

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