Nicki Minaj Covers Allure Magazine

Rapper Nicki Minaj‘s latest accomplishment is landing the April cover of Allure magazine. The 28-year old “Starships” performer spoke to reporter Judith Newman about her eclectic style, her appeal to little children, and why she tries to avoid wearing the color black.

Nicki on why pre-teens seem to love her music: “I think as far as the younger demo is concerned, I play dress-up. I also can put on a very cartoonish voice. So sometimes children may not know what I’m saying, but they like the sound of it, and they think I sound like some weird character.”

Nicki on the importance of her wig collection to her image: “While growing up hair allowed me to reinvent myself, which was perhaps particularly critical to a little girl with big dreams and a troubled reality. I had done something I thought was really, really, really cute, and I showed my neighbor. She was like, ‘Why’d you do that to your hair?’ And I never forget what I said: ‘I’m someone new in this hair.’ ”

Nicki on her plans for world domination: “I never thought about music as just being the end-all, be-all. I always looked at it like a business, something that I could create an empire out of. So that’s why I’m only about to put out my second album and I’m already thinking about this. I had a little conversation with Jay-Z at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. He said, ‘Congratulations on all your success.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your spot, Mr. Mogul.’ “

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