Nicki Minaj Debuts New Promo

Hip-Pop icon, Nicki Minaj, has unveiled promo campaigns for two of her latest projects.

The first is a behind the scenes video shot for her new OPI line of nail lacquers.

As previously reported, the Young Money protégée will debut her self titled line of nail polishes, inspired by songs from her debut album ‘Pink Friday,’ in January of 2012.

Nicki was also tapped by MAC Cosmetics to be one the famous faces of their ‘Viva Glam’ 2012 campaign.

Nicki’s David LaChapelle shot poster with fellow pop icon, Ricky Martin, can be seen below.


  1. Actually I think Nicki Minaj is a great choice for Viva Glam since she’s so ‘extra’ when it comes to her makeup and fashion.

    Good for her!

  2. Im mad Ricky Martin is holding the large pink lipstick like that though ! lol

  3. Here is another fake rapper that time is ruuning out on. Her career is getting ready to be hung up like a flat screen as she say. I knew she would burn out when she first came out I knew she is one of those seasonal artist. She will only be around and hot for a period of time and she will fizzle out as quickly as she became famous. Yep seen those a dime a dozen in the next 10 years if that noone will really remeber her like that and in 20 yrs she will be forever gone. She rose to the top hard and she will fall even harder. Lil wayne even said he did not like some material she recenly done at all. He was not satisifed and that came from her BOSS. She is still fairly young I hope she is stacking her money and investing so she will have something to fall back on. Maybe she can write or produce later down the road and get into other things because I truly feel like her rap career is going to be falling off in huge way SOON!!!

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