Nicki Minaj Debuts Pink TRYX

Nicki Minaj has landed another endorsement deal. The 26 year old rap phenom, along with The Roots, is the new face of TRYX Digital Cameras. Nicki’s official title is brand ambassador, and as such, she will be traveling the country showing off the product, giving concerts and handing out prizes to select fans. Nicki was joined by a few of those fans today in Times Square, where she helped launch the pink TRYX at a local Best Buy. Nicki performed for a crowd of about 500 fans and passed out free TRYX to winners of a Nicki Minaj look-a-like contest. Nicki will be back on tour duty tomorrow in Greensboro, North Carolina. Once her stint on the I Am Still Music Tour wraps up, Nicki will once again hit the road, this time with pop singer Britney Spears. Despite possibly being billed as the opening act, word is Nicki will actually be a co-headliner.


  1. OMG .. Please stop Nicki with that wig. It is annoying and so out of fashion right now. It even don’t looks attractive anymore

    But still luv her music 😀

  2. Congrats on her success(ful) branding and her gaining the touring spot alongside BritBrit. She will gain even more exposure.

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