Nicki Minaj Debuts Super Bass Video

After a slight delay Nicki Minaj has finally debuted the video to her latest chart topper “Super Bass.” The Sanaa Hamri directed clip is the fourth single to be taken from Minaj’s platinum- plus selling debut album Pink “Friday.” Ahead of the video’s release Minaj told MTV her fans would see her doing things she has never done before.


  1. I liked the video. People are saying that nicki copied kim Because of the heels nicki wore in the video. But this video was shot months ago. And kim wore those shoes like the last week of April


  3. all i saw was lil kim in the “how many licks” video! lol they need to just get together and do some tracks together. get that money!

  4. It’s cute but Nicki really needs to start paying attention to who’s making her videos… she needs to take it to the next level!!!

  5. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Is she SERIOUS? I’m soooooo sick of people praising mediocrity!! This song is HORRIBLE, the video is even WORSE! What happened to the people with real talent? They’re on the sideline with low record sales
    ( Jean Grae, Rah Digga, Shawnna) while Nicki no talent Minaj is cashing in on a stolen IDENTITY!!

  6. The song suck and she looks really tacky shaking her ass like that.

  7. Wish she would have went with ‘Fly’ instead. I don’t understand why people are so into this particular song. Smh. ‘Fly’ would have been a good look. Not because of Rihanna, but because the song has a good meaning and feel to it. =/

  8. I hate this song. I have her album and there were better choices. I was Team Nicki for a while when people talked about her. Now I’m done bring back Charli Baltimore

  9. I actually like this Nicki Minaj song…I like this current pop stuff…at least it’s not music samples we’ve heard, other people’s hit music…she bites off of Lil Kim, but this is similar to Katy Perry’s music…it’s upbeat…maybe, it’s me, but I’m enjoying this upbeat pop music because our world is diverse, my life is…this is directed at pop music consumers, especially, since she’s touring with Brtiney…

  10. I can’t with her to me she’s a fraud she saw a lack of female rappers she jumped in and has been pretending to be a rapper since,Shame.I can see trough her pop singer wanna be crap and I don’t like it one bit.

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