Nicki Minaj Gets Complex

Rapper Nicki Minaj is Complex Magazine’s latest cover girl. The 25 year old up and coming rap diva sat down for an depth interview with journalist Toshitaka Kondo and actually talked about a few things the public didn’t already know about her. Nicki touched on her personal life, of course the fake bisexual rumors used to spur her sales among the gay audience, and shockingly, what she learned from the massive failure of her debut single “Massive Attack.”

Click here to go to Complex online to read Nicki’s entire interview.


  1. @ Whoa she is overrated and her lyrics are just stupid!! I agree with you 100%. I wish her spastic A** sit down.

  2. Love the photo shoot. I still think she’s a beautiful girl. And while I am quite annoyed by her present persona, I still love the old Nicki Minaj and songs like Autobiography and Still I Rise. Wish her the best of luck though.

  3. Oh Nicki my dear, there is no contentment in that face, those eyes. Who you foolin?…

    Nice photography, #3 is unique.


  4. Nicki Minaj is so very talented, & I love the photo shoot! I hope that she continues to rise to the top. Wish we would embrace our own celeb’s personas in the same way that so many of us us have embraced Lady Gaga’s persona.

  5. @4 Da Haters – Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! It’s amazing how contradictory we are when we’re evaluating each other versus our obsessive acceptance of others, as if they’re original and we’re just emulating or pretending so we don’t deserve the accolades or respect.

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