Nicki Minaj Is Killing The Female Rap Game… Literally

I know people like Nicki Minaj and want to see a female rapper succeed- however female rappers like Nicki are the reason why there are so few female rappers left in the game. I wrote an article about this a few years back and my opinion has not changed. Sexpot female rappers like Nicki were spawns of the growing misogynistic lyrics in rap music that reduced women to either whores or bitches. Women coming into the game had to choose and hey- most took whore. No! I don’t think Nicki is a whore, but she damn sure dresses like one and does everything she can to keep you focused on her T&A as oppose to the words coming out of her mouth. Women in rap are facing the same battle as women in Pop and R n’ B music- they gotta be cute first and talented second. Because of this the talent pool has become shallow and that is why the number of female women in rap has diminished. No one cares if they can rap anymore- the guys who control the game and pass out the contracts just wanna see ass…. and guess what Nicki is giving us lots of in her new video?


  1. as the world turns, it grows weak and not so much wiser. I don’t listen to artists like her. I feel they distract the people from was really going on and otherwise good music.

  2. I could not agree with this article more. Eve was the last great female MC who was sexy but didn’t use her sex appeal in an over the top manner in order to sell records or gain more fame. She was like a solo version of Salt and Pepa. Nicki is not a viable artist who can add anything to the music world and to be frank she won’t even be here five years from now. She is as mediocre and irrelevant as her lyrics.

  3. i know everyone on here has thier own opinion and i RESPECT that. I like her and i think she’s just doing her. Lil Kim dresses like a whore and her degrading lyrics are well let’s say…… yeah. The difference between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are that Lil Kims hardcore lyrics make up for her sexed up trashy image. To me she has always been a HOE but I think some of you guys are being too HYPOCRITICAL. I’m and fan of Nicki but hey I don’t dress up like her or want to be her. It’s sad that some of the new generation like young girls are trying to be like her. And I’m only 17 years old and I’ve been raised to be yourself and do you. I see girls ar my school trying to be like her and act like her and it be some of the hoodrats. (sorry but i got to say like it is) Anyway some girls are lost and the ones that don’t have SELF ESTEEM AND CONFIDENCE look up to artists like NICKI MINAJ as thier role model. She’s not a role model, she’s just doing what she’s doing to get paid and I respect her for doing it big. But some of her fans think they know this woman. Hell she doesn’t pay nobody’s bills, she don’t put food on the table for them, she don’t make sure they get an education. HELL it’s the PARENTS jobs to show thier children guidance. As I said before I’m young and I’m 17. I may not know everything in this world but I know what’s up. 🙂

  4. I agree with you ladies…I love music and I listen to the content!! She has no content what so ever!! I don’t get why she’s always spastic, she looks stupid!! It’s sad because she’s a pretty girl being used by the industry!!

  5. Ah Poor black Women… From Rhianna to bey once to Nicki and amber rose,and everyone in between, We stay getting exploited… Why are people mad at Nicki? Oh so now you can tell what is content in song and what isn’t WHO “Hot” out there right now has any type of Content Who?I dare one of you to answer me…

  6. JANELLE MONAE 😆 She is not considered “”hot” but I’m glad I’m not the only one with Good musical Taste

  7. I think alot of people’s problems with music today is they want every artist to sing and rap about love and world peace, but it’s just not gonna happen deal with it. What can YOU do, complain?? Your already doing that.

  8. Ugh I hate absolutes, Why can’t we ask for good music, without always having a Fanatic act a fool?Ugh

  9. I’m not a fan of hers, clueless to her lyrics as well as the reason for the barbie persona. But to say she killing the female rap game is overboard and pushing the panic button, early. Like fashion in hip hop this is just a phase. Eve spit the best verse on My Chick Bad remix and showed that once she’s still getting calls to do a track that the female rap game past, present, and future still commands and earns respect.

  10. Not a big fan of Nicki Minaj, don’t get her lyrics or the barbie persona. But to say she’s killing the female rap game is overboard and pushing the panic button. Like fashion in hip hop this is a phase, she has yet to drop a full studio album. Yes she’s had mixtapes, which is a step up from her mainstream work, but she has yet to even blossom. If she was an established artist than I may see gripe so many have. Eve showed (My Chick Bad remix) everyone that once she keeps answering those calls that the female rap game is still to f****** with.

  11. DELPHINE- Shut up! I’m tired of you, EVERY single thing that you type is negative have YOU noticed that?…honestly.

  12. Most rappers are not musically inclined and have no talent anyway. They cannot sings and most do not even play instruments. At best some of them are poets but not true musical artists. NM is just getting in where she can. She is what the industry wants in black women; lightskin, hot bodied and loose. Oh, and her rhymes suck and so does this song.


  14. Here’s another sad example that sex sells & who cares if you don’t have talent.

  15. TGIF, Nicki hasn’t sold anything yet and when her album does drop I doubt she will sell even 200k in the first week or that her album will even go gold.

  16. I don’t knock your pov, Sista. I have been a hip hop fan since the days of Beat Street. And the one constant that made hip hop, HIP HOP, was not only you had the male perspective, there was the female perspective to keep the genre and culture honesty.

    And even though there was always femcees that used a risque image(Think JJ FAD and Oaktown 3.5.7, BWA and etc) and even femcees that acted “gangstas”, there was a variety within the femcee genre. Going back to Lady B., Sweet Tee, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Isis, LadyBug Mecca(one of my faves and probably the most underrated female MC ever), there were positive femcees doing their thing.

    But things started to change around the early 90s. It was small and subtle. To say this, I will give you a perfect example: There was a rapper. Her name was Entyce, she was a positive femcee. But she wasn’t making any noise, so her image was changed, made a song call Hush Tip and gotten a more risque image. Now that didn’t help her either.

    However, that started a trend that has been going on until now within hip hop. Commericialism is what has destroyed the femcee in hip hop. Hip Hop at its finest was a grassroot community thing. It was a voice for our culture that as soon as it got successful became this.

    It didn’t happen over night, the industry has always been about image so it’s no surprise that this has happen. So what I am saying is Nicki is a small symptom of the problem. There is a video of her where she didn’t look ANYTHING like she does now. She got “imaged-up” to fit what they(her label) felt would sell records. That’s the pressure that all artists face.

    This is not going to change, but Nicki is the cause of how this came about. This has been happening for almost 2 decades and even if it does change it will not be overnight. It would have to take another grassroot movement to make it happen. Sorry for the long post but I felt compelled to speak on this subject since this is an interesting topic.

  17. Another thing, and this don’t get talked about enough. But look at how male rappers are presented too. Many of them are made up to sell an image of being “macks”, “pimps” and etc. So again, there is no surprise that the Video “Girl”(I will not use the H word) is emphasized.

    Labels are using that to replace the femcee so their is not a voice in the hip hop community for females. It has completely become a male dominated entity. But again, this didn’t happen overnight so IMO, the only way that this can change if there is any chance of it(which I doubt) is regular young woman such as the ones who come in here to take ownership.

    If there is a talent femcee that is local or whatever, promote them. Encourage them. Root for their success.

  18. @LOST yes eve spitted the best but diamond did her thing too.

  19. i am very sad as well to know that women, even in the time of independence are still trying to fulfill a role that exudes sex and cheapness. i am happy for any woman to be successful, but i do feel that women sell out too fast to show more of their sexiness and not enough of class and talent. sex may sell, but because it is cheap, it won’t give the artist longevity in the business because sexy women are a dime a dozen.

  20. Lil Cici had some very good statements. But yeah, I agree with most e4veryone else on this topic. It’s no secret that Nikki has many trashy elements to her and is the FURTHEST thing from a role model but you can’t knock her completely. She’s basically doing the same thing as Beyonce. Britney Spears, and every other overly sexed up music artists, just rapping. Society needs to be more responsible in what the youngins are listening to, and more needs to be invested by parents and churches to increase young peoples morals and self-esteem.

  21. Thank you! Finally someone who gets it. A few days back I had an argument with some friends of mine over how wack this chick is. They were saying that she’s never claimed to be a real MC.. she’s just an entertainer… etc… Ok I get that but I don’t even like her as an entertainer. Everything about her is just extra. Without her image she is nothing. And she’s deff not helping aspiring female MC’s by dressing the way she does or by the songs she takes part in. NO talent whatsoeva but I guess this is what a lot of people want to hear. It’s sad.

  22. Female hip hop died long before this chick came on the scene. Personally I’m not mad at her … she’s getting hers. To me she is no more of a whore than somebody like Beyonce or Rihanna. They’re naked all the time too.

  23. personally i dont like nikki minaj at all.. everything about her is fake to me.. from the hair, her attitude, and everthing in between. Of course she only dresses like she does to get attention.. (sex sells and it is sad that no one cares if you have REAL talent anymore) so obviously her lyrics arent enuff to get people’s attention she has to go around performing in panties and bras, and make videos wearing thongs and being half nekkid.. i jus shake my head evertime i see her on tv. there are so many people i know with real *raw* talent and they dont get noticed.

  24. The best female mc is Lauryn Hill. She has the best of both worlds she can sing and rhyme with the best of them. 😆

  25. Please, I agree. Outstanding Lyricist. Her verse on mystery of iniquity is probably the hottest verse I ever heard from a femcee on wax.

  26. The rap game has changed period, not just for females but the men are setting horrible examples as well..The women act like h0’s and the men rap about h0’s, money & sex and worship light skinned biracial mixed women..Even the young R&B male singers are all singing about sex, that’s why I’m pretty much an old head when it comes to my music R&B and Rap…These new-age rappers have lowered the standards to the point where you almost have to be h0 to make it.


  27. Nicki stole Lil Kim’s pose. Kim took a pic with her legs open like that when she 1st came out. Sex ain’t never going outta style in the music industry.

  28. Surabi, that’s the right thing to do. If you don’t like what you see, don’t buy it and don’t listen to it.

    That’s the best message that you can give.

  29. i am very sad as well to know that women, even in the time of “independence are still trying to fulfill a role that exudes sex and cheapness. i am happy for any woman to be successful, but i do feel that women sell out too fast to show more of their sexiness and not enough of class and talent. sex may sell, but because it is cheap, it won’t give the artist longevity in the business because sexy women are a dime a dozen”
    you just broke it down :bowdown:

  30. DELPHINE- Since the Rihanna post is done, my response to you is:

    You need to start using your head and think about how stupid you sound, instead of your heart. But I’ve come to learn that we will NEVER agree on ANYTHING that has to do with these 2 particular women, because you “dislike” both of them so WHATEVER they do it won’t get your vote. No matter how much of a good deed it is. But I :bowdown: because you and your little soldier friends always think your speaking the God given truth, when your not (that’s if you can accept that you’re wrong).

  31. I may be late, but here’s my imo. The problem for female rappers is that there is NO clear lane for them. They either have to come off hard like a dude i.e Mc Lyte & Queen Latifah(n her younger yrs) to get respected & @ the same risk the rumors that they are lesbians. The other route is to come on the scene lookin like they are ready for a porn set & rap about every sexual position imaginable. All the while they are deemed as skanks & sluts.
    There has never been a balance for chics who wanna rap to show both their talents & they female side w/o givin too much of 1 or the other. It’s sad, but it only shows how mysgonistic(sp?) the hip hop industry is. The chics who wanna rap see that they get farther showin tail than being dude like, so they go for it. As for Nikki, not a fan of hers, when it comes to the sexy style of rapping & imagery she does, she looks like a direct rip off of Lil Kim in her hey day. That pose that’s up top is the same pose Kim used on her 1st album, w/ just a few differences. However, in all honesty, The hip Hop industry for both male & females, just sucks. I say ALL of it NEEDS to have a big makeover.

  32. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Call me crazy but I love this Nicki video! This is the first time we get to see so much of her as a solo artist. This is her first solo video! I’m proud of her. I never knew she could dance and I loved the styling in the video.

    I think she kills it lyric-wise. ALWAYS! Kim is wack and rubber-looking. Foxy can’t keep it together. Eve should come back. & lyrically, Trina is WACK as well.

    Nicki keeps it hood. & is always representing for New York/Queens. I love tough girls. I feel what makes a “bad b*tch” is that you CAN keep a balance b/w feminine and bad a$s. Kind’a like Rihanna!

    The song has nothing to do with sex, and I love it. I always get into her songs. It’s just her booty that’s too much! Apparently it’s silicone. But whatever. Love the video!

    *Tom Toms over here bigger than a monster. Blahk blahk blak blahk!*

  33. 17: If you are counting on me to give your miserable little life the salt of drama for the day you are sadly mistaking. 🙂

  34. Well, I think people do what they know how to do.She can’t be a Lauren Hill and she is not Eve. So, the best thing is to just be a slave to what sells.The public has to take some responsibility! How do some of the trashy artist sell all these records? You but them. So, you get what you demand. If you start buying more India,Jill,Angie,Fantasia,J.Hud,Janelle Monet, you will get them more often but you don’t! So, when these females come back out, support them!

  35. And people wonder why they call us out of our names and treat us like we are trash.
    If I had a daughter I would not let her watch this video, none of Bey’s videos and now none on RiRi’s videos.
    What about Bey in BabyBoy, she didnt leave anything to the imaginaiton. Unfortunately the world has gotten so used to seeing women portrayed like this in videos.
    Normally the ones who dress like this cannot sing nor rap, the claim to fame is taking off their clothes.

    More power to the beautiful sistas that can sing and bring it each time they are on stage. Jill, India, J Hud, Janet and even though I think Ms Badu went a little nuts in this last video she is still on eof my favorites.

    Nicki, take a note from Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown,,,,,honey it is not worth it.

  36. Anyone who knows music, knows that what these young ladies women are doing is nothing new. It began with the blues, from Pearl Bailey and her counterparts, wearing what was deemed provocative clothes, to writing songs about sex, lesbianism, so this isn’t new. The only difference is that Pearl Bailey and her counterparts had real talent and were trailblazers. And this generation wants are misguided by constant fame and fortune. Performers today should began to take notes on the artists with longevity, they did it by creating music and videos that everyone could watch. Sex in the long run doesn’t sell. Why do you think Janet blew up in the 80s-90s her biggest eras, because she didn’t exposed her sexuality, but the minute she took it there, she didn’t sell as much. These women need to realize that they should want to create a brand, not be branded.

  37. Women are in a tight spot, the women who want to be famous, are told that they have to be overtly sexual to compete with the other singers, yet for the most part, these artists don’t sell real numbers, I’m not talking about plantium,double platinum, I’m tlaking about numbers in the 10 millions + units, so obviously these artists are doing something wrong, if they have this sexy image and sell real units or break records, like I said before, it’s about becoming a breand, not be branded.

  38. zomg, nikki minaj is HOT!! lolz!! that last shot! faints.

  39. were the hell is little kim? Foxy brown? Shawna? Eve? Were are they? Nik is some bullshit!!

  40. Obviously…You just have to be HELLA eye candy and agree to sell sex every chance you get in order to become successful and possibly maintain longevity in the music industry. The content of Niki’s lyrics are ok. they are very comical and weird, just like the weird animated faces that she’s makes to distract you from the corny-ness she spits…deliverence of lyrics are important but nikki’s are lacking MUCH needed substance!! She’s young though…

  41. no she is a whore. 😆 and im glad ur keepin it real unlike necolebitchie who thinks this crap is worth listenin to.. nicki is nuthin but a gimmick and a waste of a record deal.. she cant rhyme and im sure her best flows were written by lil wayne or drake. she is nuthin but a collab artist and even then she sucks her part in usher’s lil freak sucks majorrr azz especially the last line.. smh lil kim was the best even tho she was a smut too :hifive:

  42. I see everyones points and all, but at the same time why care so much. Its mediocre music and for people who dont really care about dealing with real issues in music. This is what sells. Like the New Boyz and all those teeny bopper like artists who talk about things many think are irrelevant. Really this music is just fun and careless. Sometimes people need that. But I will say I am a semi fan of Nicki’s. she is a character and that is why people are drawn to her and when she really puts her skills to work she can flow hard. With all that said, i actually hate this song with a passion and who ever this Waka Flaka fool is! That is all 🙂

  43. That vid is over the top. I didnt expect it to be like that.
    But whatever….not a fan of hers. Dont really care.

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