Nicki Minaj Postpones Single + Addresses Critics


Nicki Minaj has officially pushed back the release of her “Anaconda” single by six days. Originally scheduled to be released tomorrow, July 29th, Nicki sent out a tweet earlier this morning letting fans know it would now arrive on Monday, August 4th and more than likely, accompanied by a video.

Nicki and her team are banking on “Anaconda” to breathe new life into the hip-pop diva’s return to the music scene, which is set to kick off with the release of the raptress’ third solo album “Pink Print.”

“Pink Print’s” first single, “Pills and Potions,” has so far failed to live up to the hype of previous singles, and has somewhat struggled on the charts, topping out at number 24 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Interestingly enough, the single has sold over 425,000 copies since its release on May 21st, a more than respectable amount for any artist these days.

Nicki has also been dealing with quite a bit of backlash as of late, including reports of her being jealous of upstart Iggy Azlea, and most recently, her bootylicious cover art for “Anaconda.”

Nicki has been quite vocal about her recent detractors via Twitter, citing bigotry as the cause for the media’s sudden attacks on her and lovey-dovey attitude towards Azlea. “Racism is alive and well,” Nicki tweeted last week. Adding “Some people have to put in work. Others get to cut corners. We see it but don’t say it. Welcome to real world.”

Nicki didn’t explicitly aim her comments at the press’ sudden adoration of Azlea, a white female rapper from Australia, but we all know who she was talking about and not a word of it was false.

Though not a Nicki fan myself, I recognize how the media at large seems to go wild for whites who enter and excel at fields predominately dominated by blacks. Yeah, they may have liked Nicki, but they love a white girl posing as a black girl even more… I’m looking at you too Kim K.

Which leads me to Nicki’s most recent controversy, the cover photo she chose to use for her “Anaconda” single. You have all seen it- Nicki in a pink thong giving the world a most glorious view of her Trinidadian assets.

Within minutes of unveiling the pic, Nicki was inundated with insults, many of them calling the image “tasteless,” “vulgar” and “without class.” Nicki shot back with a montage of photos via Instagram juxtaposing her image with those of little bootied white women featured in Sports Illustrated yearly swimsuit issue.

Nicki pointed out how her image was no different than many of those featured in the magazine, and that those women’s bodies were never demonized with words like vulgar. Instead they are called beautiful, erotic and sexy.

The cover controversy continued today when AllHipHop founder, Chuck Creekmur, chastised Nicki for sending the wrong message to young girls, his daughter included. Creekmur apparently thinks Nicki’s bare bottom is bad for the female youth of America. Clearly he hasn’t listened to her lyrics which are filled to the brim with words like bitch, nigga and hoe.

Despite the setbacks, Nicki sent out another tweet today saying she is “growing as an artist” and “striving for greatness.”

Good for her… I guess.

Anaconda art via: Minaj Designz.


  1. This is one time where I have to agree with Nicki on this one. We constantly see images of Caucasian women on magazine covers and photos. In their bikini’s and how the captions are praising their body’s even though they are skinny and shapeless. Once a female of color does the same, there is a different response as if its vulgar. Women have been wishing and trying to achieve these assets throughout history. The people that usually hate on things are mostly jealous and wish they had it, though they will never admit it.

  2. I also agree with Nicki. We can’t pick and choose who we condemn or celebrate while they’re all using their femininity in explicit or revealing ways, but we label it according to who does it, whether it’s Kate Moss, Rihanna, Nicki, Kim K., Allure Magazine usual nudes, Beyonce, Miley, Gaga, swimwear models, IT SELLS! This concerned dad needs to make sure his daughter doesn’t have a thing for “bad boys” or trying to fix broken birds, thug-love, know how to get out of a domestic violence situation, don’t seek a status relationship because it can get dangerously crazy, RAY RICE, or disrespectful T.I., Nelly, The Dream, 50 Cent, The Game, and the list goes on.

    Parents must parent, the village has to instill respect into our boys and help them not absorb many of the abundant negative and toxic rap lyrics. Many parents live inappropriate lives themselves, we even give our leaders or people in authority the side-eye (politicians, clergy, teachers, law enforcement, etc.) for a jacked-up value system or wrong-doing.

    Women esteem issues are broad and deeply rooted, and her usual downfall is a man, she knows how to bring home the bacon, educate herself and start businesses. I wish Nicki the best, the cause of what we see is pure corporate greed and the article on what killed the elusive star says it best!

  3. I dont agree. If you look at the context of both photos. The women are at the pool… There is a context for their shot. What context is Nicki? a white back drop.. Im just saying its all how its presented.Also the Caucasian women have material that can be see.. Nicki has on butt floss. Both pics are posed differently, of course Nicki is gonna scream racism because she doesnt want to own that this pic was a bad idea. Im sorry what are you promoting with the pic? Because I surely dont get music…… SI has a yearly swimsuit issue. I get it.. Nicki not so much….

  4. I think all this over sexualize stuff is playing out. That is why they have to keep pushing the envelope because even the young people are getting sick of it. Let them keep going and they are literally going to have to be all the way naked to sell concert tickets. It has just gone to far for everyone.

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