Nicki Minaj Quits American Idol


American Idol is officially down to one judge.

Earlier today Mariah Carey announced her departure from the embattled talent competition and just moments ago Nicki Minaj did the same.

Both come on the heels of longtime judge, Randy Jackson, who handed in his resignation just days before season 12’s finale.

Both Carey and Minaj say they will once again focus on making music and touring.

As for Keith Urban, Idol’s only remaining judge, rumor now has him staying put. According to Deadline, an internal FOX poll showed Urban to be season 12’s real breakout star. Urban’s laid back manner apparently worked in his favor as Idol seeks to assemble a less “dramatic” judging panel for season 13.


  1. Nicki gets the boot too. I bet she feels pretty stupid after the comments she made to Mariah about being replaced with Jennifer Lopez. I knew Idol wasn’t going to keep her. They would have kept Mariah before they kept Nicki. Glad Keith is coming back. He shouldn’t be punished for Nicki’s bad behavior which helped sink the ratings. Same for Randy. He never hurt nobody.

  2. I am personally happy that Nicki left American Idol. Idol has never been the same since the Simon and Paula left. Nobody has been able to successfully fill their positions. I have quit watching the show.

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