Nicki Minaj & RiRi Finally “Fly”

Nearly eight months after it was filmed, Nicki Minaj has finally decided to unveil the video for her Rihanna assisted track “Fly.”

The visuals were directed by Sanaa Hamri and feature the two island beauties walking around a post apocalyptic landscape holding hands and looking fabulous.

“Fly” is one of the better tracks from Nicki’s “Pink Friday” album and is similar in theme to “Moment for Life.”

I wish the clip matched the song a bit more, but the song more than makes up for the lackadaisical video.


  1. I love this “Fly” track after one listen. I’m glad the video is finally out. I enjoy the fighting scene :). Nicki and Nana look beautiful.

  2. what in the ‘Run The World’ are they supposed to be doing here. Somebody get Francis Lawrence on the phone please.

  3. Lol @ VOODOO. You gotta love Rihanna that is a Fierce -itch!

  4. Actually the fight scene made me cringe, it was kinda cheesy. Not a fan of the video, I liked the last few seconds when the flowers were blooming.

    Love Rihanna’s look- wish during her red hair era we had seen more of the styling here!

    Nicki is a naturally pretty girl, she really doesnt need to be so extra IMO.

  5. Love the song, but why does she have to be so EXTRA. It takes away from how gorgeous she actually is and it takes away from the song. The fight scene? She basically did the same thing in ‘Your Love.’ Smh. I think they waited too long to release this video and now I think the song won’t be as strong as when I first heard it. Anyways, I must admit, Rihanna looked fierce and I actually loved her hair!

  6. @sincerely- you are SO right! Like she is naturally pretty, and has a nice smile. All of the extra stuff actually detracts from her looks IMO.
    I agree that they waited too long to release the video.

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