Nicki Minaj Rocks Out for Glam

Hip-Pop diva Nicki Minaj is featured in a five page fashion spread in the upcoming October edition of Glamour Magazine.

Sporting her now trademark platinum blonde pageboy hairdo and an assortment of eclectic outfits, Nicki shares with the magazine, among other things, what motivates her fashion choices and how she chooses to spend her time when not in the public eye.

On her assortment of colorful wigs and outfit: “I’m inspired by color. It does something for my attitude. It just makes me happy.”

On dealing with her insecurities: “We all have our insecurities, but you have to know you are beautiful. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I don’t feel the need to change for anyone.”

On what she appreciates in women: “I appreciate someone who knows what she wants, who sets realistic goals and achieves them”

On what inspires her animated persona: “I have always adored Marilyn Monroe- mostly for her facial expressions in her pictures.”

For more Nicki Minaj revelations, pick up the October edition of Glamour when it hits newsstands on September 6th.


  1. She actually looks quite lovely. The first two are stunning (red outfit & orange/blue dress)

  2. On closer look, the styling really is great. That purple Louis Vuitton coat, the black dress, the Dolce dress are spot on. Such a good look with this spread Nicki!

  3. Love the “Red All Over”…Nicki is looking so stylish…a departure from her usual extreme loud color craze…but, it is show-business!

  4. She does look nice in these pictures. I dont know why such a pretty girl would go out her way to look ridiculous.

  5. I love the first pic (red one). Nikki is naturally pretty, all that ‘extra’ stuff really detracts from it.

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