Nicki Minaj Shoots “Starships” Video

Hip-Pop rapper Nicki Minaj was spotted in Hawaii earlier this week shooting the video for her worldwide smash “Starships.” The song is presently #9 on the U.S. Hot 100, #3 on the UK Charts and #5 on the World Charts.

Nicki’s sophomore opus “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” has a release date of April 3rd and is rumored to be followed up by a worldwide tour.


  1. @ Sista, girl please post Lumidee’s new video Be Free. The song is a banga and she is speaking the straight truth on it!

  2. Is Limidee a black woman?

    How rude to come into a Nicki Minaj post and ask that another article on another woman be posted.

    Anyway, I was going to ask if anyone heard the story that Nicki was mistaken for a whale?

    That story wreaked of racism to me. It was clearly an attack on Nicki’s voluptuous figure. Again, we see the media going in on a naturally curvy black woman while calling plastic ones like Kim K and CoCo beautiful.

  3. She’s toned to be such a bit girl That takes a lot of working out.

    It’s time she leave the pink and green hair alone though. It’s not cute… never was.

  4. @ Rebacca she may not be black but she is brown. And it’s not like Sista does like to do post on JLO. Is she black?

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