Nicki Minaj Shoots VMA Promo

Love her or hate her, you cannot deny that 2010 is really shaping up to be the year Nicki Minaj broke out of the shadow of Lil Wayne and his Young Money camp. The 25 year old femcee has taken the rap industry by storm, and with a new album due to be released in only a few short months, I don’t see the hoopla letting up anytime soon. Adding to the pandemonium is MTV, who have taken the unusual step of nominating the young diva for a “Best New Artist” award at this year’s VMA ceremony, despite the fact that she hasn’t actually released an album yet. The network has even gone a step further, tapping Nicki to star in one of their coveted VMA campaign spots. Behind the scenes photos of the shoot made their way online late last night and in typical Minaj fashion, she is playing a host of characters. One set of shots show Nicki doing what appears to be a take on Beyonce’s B.B. Homemaker character; while another features the Young Money star riding a motorcycle and sporting a very futuristic looking outfit.

Here is what Nicki had to say about the concept for the VMA promo:

I don’t even have my album out and I’m part of the freakin’ promo! Basically, they’re documenting my rise and paralleling that with my journey, literally, to the VMAs.


  1. Big head indeed- enjoy it while it last, which won’t be long!!!

  2. Yeah this Is definitely Nicki’s year I must say but…female rappers come and go so we shall see how long she is gonna last…I know her album is gonna market towards the young girls because her lyrics are very childish literally

  3. She has so much attitude. She keeps repeating over and over how she doesn’t have an album out and actually said btches need to learn from her. Learn what? Does she really think her “talent” has brought her all this attention?

    I agree with you KYM, she better enjoy the ride cause it will be over soon. She’ll be used up and kicked to the curb soon like all the other female rappers.

    Rap (black men) hate women and have no use for them other than as videos hoes. When they have seen her azz in every position they want, she’ll be dismissed.

  4. she’s an overrated gimmick who will hopefully fade soon. her lyrics are cartoonish & her dollar store looking make up is not cute…where or where is the Queen Bee? We need a real female rapper to step up

    Her music sounds really bad, in one song she said she was(Simba)!?@#. Really how old is this chick! My 3 year old has moved past
    The Lion King!!

  6. Hope she last longer. We’ve seen female rappers come and go so fast. Go Nicki do yo thang. Whatever she doing it’s working.

  7. Congrats Nicki. But I have a feeling this won’t last long.

  8. Honestly, no one lasts that long in this industry, especially since the 90s began. Also please read the side blog, “The White or (BiRacial) Woman Privilege”. I agree with it mostly. However, it is NOT against these women. It is just pointing out how the industry mistreats certain women and promotes others. They choose, and the longevity is usually very one-sided.

    Anyway, congrats to Nicki Minaj. I love her talent! As African-Am. women we need to start thinking of ways to fight against the industry heads and not these women. Even Caucasian, female artists who fight against the sexed-up industry standard start succumbing to its demands after a while. Pink fought against it for a while, but if you notice she shows a little more all the time compared to her cargo pants performances at first.

  9. Go Nicki! Hope she can last in the industry, not enough female rappers..or bring back the veterans ..MC Lyte would love to hear another album from her

  10. She ain’t going nowhere as long as she got baby with his tatoo pentagram and lil wayne in her corner-she good to go. She sold her soul just like the rest of them. She is talented but… Well, it has gotten her far right? She is on Mtv, the station that had Jack Black prompting the audience to do a prayer to satan.(I wish i made that up) Maybe this year will live human sacrifices and they will say it was just fun, make beleive.

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