Nicki Minaj Storms the Hot 100

Nicki Minaj‘s official first single from her “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” CD, “Starships,” is shaping up to be the singer’s biggest single to date. According to Billboard, the hip-hop diva’s latest offering will make its debut on this week’s chart at #9, selling 204,000 digital copies and amassing over 17 million audience impressions.

This is great news for Nicki, whose buzz single “Stupid Hoe” failed to generate any positive feedback from fans or crtics. Billboard also notes that Nicki bests her previous bow, Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” which debuted at #10 and featured Nicki as a guest. But while “Luvin’” plummets to #39 this week, Nicki’s “Starship” continues to rise, reportedly gaining in airplay across several formats.

Above: Outtakes from Nicki’s recent Vibe Magazine cover.


  1. I knew Madonna’s song would flop. It was awful and she was clearly going for the tennie-bopper crowd. Artists need to learn it is not all about the kids. Adele is selling out around the world to adult audiences who like good music.

  2. I’ve heard atleast 2 or 3 new Nicki Minaj songs that sound like that techno crap everybody else is doing…I guess that’s what this new album will be all about.

  3. Yah NIck. Poor Madonna.Guess Lady Gaga is the Queen after all!

  4. Nicki Minaj’s career is nothing short of amazing! It is definitely her time. She grows on you, she hits and misses, but the gimmicks work.

    I now realize that the music industry is greatly diminishing and real music and real artists will be very limited. A drowning man (record labels), who had no morals or scruples before he was drowning will do whatever it takes to survive and gimmicks and pr stunts/marketing machines work! Nicki is appealing to a wide demographic and kudos to her!!! She’s in her season, I hope she manages it well and build a strong brand…

  5. I don’t begrudge her success, however after the last Grammy performance I don’t consider myself a fan or a supporter…

  6. I think she’s trying to hard to be like Lady Gaga. She should be about her music not silly gimmicks and beef with Lil Kim.

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