Nicki Minaj Ties Mariah Carey’s Hot 100 Record


According to Billboard, Hip-Pop artist Nicki Minaj has tied singer Mariah Carey’s Hot 100 mark.

Mariah, who has 18 number one singles, more than any other female artist, has sent 44 singles onto the Hot 100 chart since she first appeared with ‘Vision of Love’ back in 1990.

Minaj, who released her debut album ‘Pink Friday’ back in 2010, matches Carey’s 44 tally with her recent hit ‘High School,’ which enters the Hot 100 this week at #83. Carey and Minaj now share a seventh place tie among women with the most singles to appear on the Billboard Hot 100.

Billboard goes on to note that of Mariah’s 44 Hot 100 appearances, 42 of them feature her as the lead act, while only 17 of Minaj’s feature her as the lead, a reflection on the rapper’s penchant for appearing on collaborations with other artists.

Interestingly enough, one of Minaj’s first Billboard appearances was due to her 2010 collaboration with Mariah on her single ‘Up Out My Face,’ which spent a whopping one week at #100.


  1. Congrats. But what’s the LASTING impact of one versus the other? That’s the real achievement…

  2. and how long has Niki been out like 3-4 years? She’s put out like 100 bazillon singles. Lol you’re right “She is no Mariah”

  3. “only 17 of Minaj’s feature her as the lead”

    that’s the key…doesn’t matter if you hop on everybody else’s track. Mariah had 42 of her OWN…let’s stop trying to compare these two. They’re nowhere near in the same league.

  4. Are you kidding me? This chick is NO Mariah! Point blank its offending

  5. if it was rihanna it would be a big deal. Give credit where it is due okay!

  6. at the end of the day nicki was still up there. does not matter how the point is she is. #teamminaj

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