Nicki Minaj Unveils Boring Album Cover


Hip-Pop diva Nicki Minaj has released the cover art for her upcoming third solo album “The Pinkprint,” due out December 15th.

The minimalistic cover, reportedly designed by Kanye West’s DONDA collective, doesn’t feature Minaj as one would expect, but rather a fingerprint engrained in what looks like pink shadow and emblazoned on a stark white background.

The toned down cover is a departure from Minaj’s previous colorful covers, and also quite boring. I know West fancies himself an artist, but this is just lifeless and lacks any thought or imagination.

Nicki Minaj’s music and image are neither understated nor subdued and her album covers shouldn’t be either.

It’s never too late to make a change. If I was Minaj I’d swap out this cover with the quickness.


  1. I actually like it. It shows a bit of class which I can only hope and pray this woman is getting the gist of. I’m tired of seeing her half naked all the time.

  2. She’s taking a minimalistic approach. I get it.

    What I find unfortunate, if it applies, is that she had to dress like a clown, rather dress like Halloween for every shoot, performance, red carpet event, etc. when she first came out, in order to be put on to mainstream. The underground knew her work, but in order to gain a mainstream presence she had to “Gaga” her aesthetic.

    NOW, I feel, now that she has an audience (key=mainstream audience), she can and has toned down her look to reflect a more sophisticated eccentric flair, as opposed to what she had going on circa “Pink Friday” and before.

    My opinion.

    And I’d rather this cover than another pop-a-squat a la “Anaconda” cover, no matter how briefly “iconic” the pose registered on the sphere of popular culture.

  3. I can’t wait for nickis new album to drop, I will surly be waiting in line for this one.

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