Nicki Minaj Unveils Her ‘Anaconda’


Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video just got a middle of the night release thanks to Vevo.

Now, I know videos don’t have ratings and thus Vevo was not incumbent to release the visual while most kiddies were sound asleep; however, something tells me releasing this in the middle of the night was definitely a strategic plan to quell what will surely be a very loud uproar.

Previous clips and video stills released pretty much prepared us for what we were going to see. However, seeing it all put together still managed to shock many… myself and most of Twitter included.

“Anaconda” is hardly the first PG17 video to be released, see Rihanna’s “Pour it Up” and Beyonce’s “Partition” for proof of that. However, it is a reminder of how sleazy and talentless the music industry has become and how low many female artists will sink in order to garner that extra bit of attention.

What’s even worse, is that “Anaconda” is being called a feminist anthem for Black women who have had their bodies attacked in the same manner Minaj was attacked when she unveiled the song’s cover art.

I won’t get into all of that because if I start I won’t be able to stop. What I will say is that “Anaconda” features a bevy of beautiful women, Minaj included, who don’t have much to offer outside of their bodies. The song is horrible and the video is meant to distract us from that.

That is all.


  1. This is a horrible song. There is no originality to it at all. This the type of song that would have been played on BET Uncut back in the day. Its all visual and I cant imagine anyone actually buying and playing this song. As I have commented in the past we don’t listen to music in this day and age, we watch music. No song can be released unless it has a video attached to it. We need that visual stimulation that fools us into thinking is a good song. I am not surprised at Nicki for this song. When a person doesn’t have any real musical skills she will buy into whatever her producers or record people push on her. This by no means should be considered and anthem unless it one for strippers.

  2. I agree Bertran. Its all about the visual now to make you think the song is a hit when it’s realy not. But even with the vid the song didnt stick in my head.

  3. I like the video . I bet the author is not shocked when rapper put video vixen if their video but woman do that for themselves w/o men it’s a problem .
    I like pour it up stripper side and partition where is Beyonce given a show to her man .

    Always slut shaming people it’s annoying they can do wtf they want with their body .

  4. This site is called Brown sista but i see the double standard btw mainstream artist and F-LIST one .

    The same people shocked when Bey talk about sex , or when Rih does sexy video don’t say shit when Kelly Rowland is always talkin about sex .

    If u don’t like the mainstream Brown artist NICKI BEY RIH don’t post them it’s all.

  5. I am a Nicki fan, but I must say that this song is a bit sloppy, as Nicki’s rap is all over the place. I believe Nicki wanted to do a song in which she didn’t take herself too seriously, and I see the video is a reflection of the song. Nicki has talent in which she displays at times and she is an intelligent and beautiful woman, however the industry is such where artists feel they have to display certain characteristics or sides of themselves one at one time. Its either an indictment on the industry or the simple-mindedness of these artists. We as women particularly black women can be intelligent, sexy, strong, talented, quirky, sensual and fun all at the same time. Our black female mainstream artists seem to not be on a upward trajectory of true greatness, but on a merry-go-round, which can only leave you dizzy and stagnant. White women’s displays of sexuality is forgiven and ours is perceived as savage. It is not for us to show these people that we are human being’s, but we should be mindful of how they take our displays of sexuality to undermine our place in this world. The Nicki video is nonetheless a video and I’ve seen worse. Artists are not politicians or civil rights leaders they are here to entertain, but they need to know that they can do more, its because of some artists who I grew up with that helped shape some of my thoughts/style. You can only hope that some of these artists look to inspire like they were inspired growing up. Sexuality is not a bad thing, it’s great (I come from a West Indian background), however if done wrong publicly it can make you look starving, and some of these women seem to have missed some meals. That being said, I will still support Nicki and see what else she has to offer.

    BTW, Nicki is performing that song at this weekends VMA’s and I am nervous, for her and Beyoncé. Hopefully, I will not be cringing, they hold so much power but at times display soo little.

  6. I love this post and comments. There is a paradigm shift going on within our universe and this videos and others, mass media in general is molding and shaping us into…


    Love your comments, great commentary.

    “That being said, I will still support Nicki and see what else she has to offer.

    BTW, Nicki is performing that song at this weekends VMA’s and I am nervous, for her and Beyoncé. Hopefully, I will not be cringing, they hold so much power but at times display soo little.”

  7. Our men and women are dying in the streets of Amerikkka and the world elsewhere. This is meant to dull the public of these murders, mostly us.

  8. I agree with most of what Kim said.

    What people neglect to understand is that music was originally meant to distract from life’s everyday mundane grind and entertain us… lift our spirits. Okay: it can have a message from time to time… but not every song needs to be a Mandela-inspired chant to enlighten the masses. Sometimes, you just gotta take it for what it is: distraction. While I agree that not everything needs to be sexualized to the degree that it is today, I don’t think we should be tearing apart an artist who is giving us some fluff to lighten our loads and put a smile on our faces. Can you imagine if every video was a “this is how you should be living your life” video? Damn. Shit would be HEAVY.

    People will have opinions. But when it’s really not that serious, it’s best to not cause an uproarious rift because of them.

  9. Pure trash! Poor nicki has to resort to T & A to keep our attention & sell records.

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