Did Nicki Minaj Make Gay Female Rappers Cool?

I find it interesting that novice Rap star Nicki Minaj has came on the scene with all of her Harajuku Barbie flavor and self proclaimed bisexual (even though she says she likes girls more) antics and suddenly it is perfectly acceptable for a female rapper to be out of the closet. In fact, you can be so out of the closet with it that you can also go around signing boobies. While other equally talented (or even more so talented in some cases) female rappers like Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah…. Click Here For The Rest Of The Article.

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BY: LJ Knight


  1. I never had an issue with gays whatever their line of “work” might be, Nicki minaj annoys me, I think she is a very beautiful woman, but her whole barbie persona takes me out of my element, i don’t support her but wish her well

  2. umm….I didn’t know Nicki or Mc Lyte was bi/gay…am I the only one who didn’t know???

  3. @17150918 lol. Nicki alway talking about big ole ghetto booty lol. Mc lyte im with you i do not think she gay lol.

    as far as nicki to me i think she like men. She just joying the ride for what eva popular in the industry world.

  4. MC Lyte was married at one time so I guess you can say she is bi.

  5. Nicki can flow when she’s rapping. But in normal conversation, she is as denze as they come. I dont know if that is the angle she play to seem non-threatening. To me she comes across as slow and ignorant.

  6. With all that you wrote, you seem to be implying that all lesbians have to look and act a certain way. That’s not the case. All lesbians have a different style — just like all heterosexuals have a different — style and just because Nicki is more feminine DOES NOT MEAN that we can’t have a more masculine lesbian or bisexual rapper hitting the scene later in life.

    It’s hard for females PERIOD to break into the rap game and it’s hard for gays in ANY entertainment field to live their lives openly. So don’t even try to say that because of Nicki Minaj, all lesbian rappers from here on out have to look and act a certain way. She just happens to be the first to be up front about it during a time when slowly, more gays and lesbians are being accepted for who they are. I mean, Nicki hasn’t even dropped an album yet and already you want to say she’s setting some kind of standard? Try again.

  7. It’s cool to be bisexual in Hollywood right now. How old is she again? Maybe it’s a phase, maybe it’s for real, but if it’s real it’s simply because it’s ok now. And by ok, I don’t mean “o.k.” as in socially acceptable — I mean, trendy ok. You got Tila Tequila (IMO is pretending for the attention), Amber Rose (who’s dating Kanye), Lady Gaga (who says she likes girls but has never loved one), Megan Fox (who is engaged to Brian Austin Green) and now Nicki…who else am I leaving on the list??

  8. Me personally when I first notice Nicki Minaj I seen her on youtube on this (on the COME-UP dvd) and I was like I like the way she raps even though It was a mixture of lil kim and foxy brown…she will always be compared to lil kim but she will never be lyrically HOT like lil kim and foxy brown…But nether the less as far as her being Bi or just all out lesbian that Is her business….and

  9. She was acting so strange on “Rip the Runway”. Speaking with a british accent and stuff. lol

  10. @MRS.JONES yeah It was funny… HER ”BARBIE” persona Is so koo-koo (:o lol

  11. Nicki Minja is just the latest cult figure…like Lady Gaga and others…she doesn’t have million dollar endorsement deals like the Queen, not yet…procter and gamble aren’t advertising with her during family hour…feminine lesbians feed into “fantasies” of men and women…it’s trendy…much conjured out of adult films…right now, everything that’s really out there is thriving… explicit sex scenes and music videos, nudity, sex tapes, gore (Twillight and horror films), homosexuality, exploited and mass marketed, shock theater…emptiness and depression, voids that can’t be filled…billions of dollars are being made thanks to pop culture and people wanting to emulate their idols to feel better about themselves…Nicki is just what these times promote…in a dumbed down world…not to mention, her light complexion and looks make it more acceptable for her to come out of the gate announcing she’s bi-?…The Wendy Williams show is loved by the gay community…now it’s cool to be gay…for some people and not for others…Queen Latifah, Missy or McLyte won’t be making any public announcements…why should they, it’s their personal business…Ellen came out and paid dearly, she rebounded, being a talented, attractive, blue eyed blonde woman helped…the same for Rosie…Wanda Skyes came out…even Rosie tones it down and wore makeup on the view…so hip hop is coming…it’s unfortunate that a person can’t publicly live their life, but it comes with the territory for some celebrities and superstars…it’s a trade-off…it’s business…

  12. Why is her sexuality an issue? I’m glad to see a fresh, fly (I’m feeling the shoe game) and energetic female rapper (that can actually rap) that’s creative and not attempting to play follow the leader. The female rap lane has been void for the last few years with the exception of Trina and we need Nicki because she showcase that the ladies can still be as lyrical as the guys. Who cares about her sexual orienteation and I don’t recall Queen, Missy or DaBrat clearly choosing to expose their sexuality, therefore, once again, WHY is this an issue?

  13. @ Sepiastar

    I guess it’s an issue b/c that’s ALL she raps about. I have no problem w/ it; it’s just that that’s all you hear.

    She may be good, but she’s no Missy, Queen, or the ultimate, Lauren Hill.

  14. @RENE & @ NATALIE I agree no female In the game could ever reach L-Boogie’s level her lyrics are u-n-t-o-u-c-h-a-b-l-e

  15. Her british accent on rip the runway was adorable!!!!!Made her so much more versital and she won me over with her personality that night….in regards to the bisexual thing….maybe society is more accepting of a fem lesbian than the butch???? lmao u dunno…we should accept everyone damn who cares!!!

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