Nicki Minaj’s Comedy ‘Nicki’ Axed?

Nicki Minaj's Comedy 'Nicki Minaj's Comedy 'Nicki' Axed

Has Nicki Minaj’s Comedy ‘Nicki’ Been Axed by ABC/Disney?

While doing a bit of digging around on ABC/Disney’s official press site, I discovered Nicki Minaj’s upcoming comedy, Nicki, has had all traces of its existence removed from the website. The show had previously been listed on Freeform (Formerly ABC Disney); however, as of today, it no longer appears, and searching for it reveals nothing but past press releases.

Quiet as kept, Nicki was rumored to be put on ice after Nicki’s brother, Jelani Maraj, was accused of raping a 12-year old earlier this year. Today he was indicted on those charges, and well, I think the writing is pretty much on the wall.

Nicki was set to be a family comedy about the rapper’s life growing up in Queens and her brother’s character had been cast and was set to be played by actor McCarrie McCausland. A rape indictment pretty much guarantees the character will either not appear, or the show will be pulled altogether.

Only time will tell if Nicki will ever see the light day, but my money says it’s pretty much done.
Update: While Nicki’s show has indeed been pulled from ABC/Disney’s press site, there has been no official word of her brother’s indictment.


  1. It’s sad her brother’s actions are having a negative affect on her career. Doesn’t Nicki have two brothers? They need to just show one or bring in a male cousin or something.

  2. That is sad that what her family member does hurts her because they can leave him out. Plus if actors have been cast, it is even worse now they are out of job. Sad all the around.

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