Nicki Minaj Comes In At #2

The official Soundscan numbers are in, and just as HDD predicted last week, Nicki Minaj’s debut album “Pink Friday” did indeed sell big in its first week. Coming in at #2 behind Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” “Friday” accumulated sales of 375,000, making it the second highest debut ever for a female rapper. Nicki fell just shy of Lauryn Hill’s 423,000 debut, which she set back in 1998 with the release of her debut solo album “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.”

As for the longevity of Minaj’s “Pink Friday,” Hits has projected a near 60% decline in the rapper’s second week of release. Unless the album catches fire with a few more hit singles, “Friday” may barely reach Gold status.

Congrats to Nicki nonetheless. Her success is well deserved.


  1. I for one don’t get all the hype – the lyrics are cartoonish (when you can understand them) and w/o all those collabs this album would be garbage. I’d be surprised if it’s still in the top ten by next week.

  2. do realize a 60% decline is standard for all albums? You should check your facts, that is consistent for most albums…It doesn’t become apparent until after the 3rd or 4th week if the album has any longevity. If it declines 60% each week its a flop, but if it goes 60, 40, 20..etc…it has platinum/double platinum potential. It is far too early to call.

  3. I personally am not feeling the album, but congrats to her! I only like about 2 or 3 tracks. If she keeps promoting the way she is, I’m sure she’ll be satisfied with her own work. I do agree, without the collabs the album would be trash. But hey, to each it’s own. I really don’t like the way she performs ‘Right Through Me’ but that’s still my jam. I hope her next single is ‘Fly’ or ‘Moment For Life.’


  4. I don’t understand all the hipe about first week sales its all about the end of the year how well your album sales. if you don’t believe me check out Akon sales always last 1st week sales but out sale them all the end of the year. Nicki album is not that good i agree with NINYA without the collabs this album would really be bad. artists now days seems to be affaid of puttin a album out solo mostly just themself to many collabs on a album. but congrats to her.

  5. do realize a 60% decline is standard for all albums? You should check your facts,

    I didn’t state any facts, but to answer your question, I am very aware that many albums drop in sales dramatically during their second week of release. Eminem’s last two albums had about a 60% decline in sales during their following week. Eminem’s albums however tend to have longevity because he is an established artists whose albums have multiple hits. Nicki isn’t established and that is why HDD also says she will have a difficult time going Gold, much less Platinum, unless she can squeak out some more hits… and fast.

  6. @Sista,

    That goes beyond just established artists…Kesha had the same decline and eventually went platinum, but she did have more hits, and so I would tend to agree with you there.But your initial tone was as if the album had already flopped, or as if this was against the norm, and it most definitely is not.

  7. Also, i think it should be noted that if there is a 60% decline from 375k, she will still sell 150k, which will put her squarely over the gold status. I don’t think one could call 525k in two weeks “struggling to make gold”.

  8. Nicki Minaj…..I don’t get it. I clearly see her as a flash in the pan artist.

  9. Who cares?!! This album is TRASH!!!!! It’s crazy, people are really on one……Will people with BRAINS PLEASE STAND UP!!!!! Where is her lyrical content?…and she is most definitely NO Lauryn Hill!!!

  10. I’m guessing the only female rapper to break Lauryn’s record will be Lauryn. No offense to nick’s fans but Hill is the truth.

  11. Um judging from the tone of some of these comments I wonder is Nicki on here posing as someone else. Ppl act as if they are making money off her album sales

  12. i have the album and im tring really hard 2 listen 2 it but by friDAY it will b in the trash…SORRY NICKI BUT U NEED 2 CHANNEL THAT MIXTAPE FAVA U HAD BAC IN 2007:(

  13. This is Nicki Minaj’s moment. Let her enjoy it and bask in the glow of her ever growing ego. She’s on Twitter claiming Lauryn Hill wasn’t really listed as a hip-hop/rap act when her album was released, therefore making her the female with the highest debut rap album. How arrogant can one little puny woman be? No matter how she tries to clean up her original tweet it shows how little she truly understands the industry. It is so easy to be hot for the moment. It is so easy to win awards and accolades and then be a nobody the next day. Nicki needs to put her attitude in check and keep Lauryn and Missy Elliott’s name out her mouth. They are writer/producers who have proven to have staying power. Only time will tell if Nicki is even fit to sit at the table with these women.

  14. @ Dana


    I was thinking the same thing. Just like on her My Time Now, she was saying where are the female rap moguls. I’m like are you serious. We have Queen Latifa, MC Lyte, and Missy Elliot owning production companies, perfumes, sneaker brands, doing movies, etc. A mogul by definition is just a really powerful business person. We have plenty of female rappers who are that so why discredit them. All that I get from her and her music is that she has to discredit others to make herself look better. Saying slick stuff back in her mixtape days about all these ‘old bitches’ in the game, etc. From what I see she is no better than those same ‘haters’ she raps about.

  15. Not to mention not only did Lauryn set the record for sales but she was the first ARTIST period to get 10 grammy nominations in one year. Let’s see how many Nic gets.XD

  16. the problem with these singers, the lyrics have no meaning whatsover, its all about sex and stupid things. Nicki’s song is way too slow, its not a dance song. I am surprise it reach number 2. I think its all about the video, not really the song.

  17. I think Nicki Minaj has great flow and her delivery is different. Album tracks are not as good as her mixtape tracks. She can’t sing so I think she should stick to rapping.

  18. I like most of her album & think she will continue to be very successful despite the fact that you think that this album has flopped. I definitely think with all the Nicki fans this album will go far.

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