Nicki Minaj’s MTV VMA Promo Video

Remember those really cute pics of Nicki Minaj that surfaced a few weeks ago showing the up and coming raptress shooting a video promo for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards? Well now the full clip has surfaced and you can all judge for yourselves whether the video lives up to all the hype created by the images. Nicki is set to give her first solo performance at this year’s ceremony when it airs live on September 12th and expectations are running high. The young diva is nominated for Best New Artist, even though she has never released an album and has only one solo hit to her credit. Despite these negatives, Minaj has appeared on several collaborative hits and is officially rap’s new “it” girl. Irv Gotti recently compared her to rap legend Lauryn Hill- and Nicki agreed, saying that once her “Pink Friday” album dropped the public would finally get the opportunity to experience the full range of her talents.

Nicki is also featured in this month’s issue of Paper Magazine- check the pics above and click here to read the article.


  1. The pic with her smiling is a very nice. Maybe she should smile more often and stop with all them crazy faces and the mean mugging

  2. There will never I mean never be another L-Boogie.. but lmao Irv gotti and his murder INC. empire career been dead so his opinion dosen’t matter

    Nicki’s promo is cute nether the less

  3. It is nice when an artist has this much hype before their album even drops but it can backfire if she doesn’t deliver. I hope her performance and album are able to live up to all the praise she is getting. I was going to tune in to the awards but when I heard Chelsea Handler was hosting, I changed my mind she is a mess. I hope MTV’s efforts to be shocking and cutting edge doesn’t backfire with her. She can be just plain offensive at times.

  4. She’s starting to grow on me, but I dont know if I want her album.

  5. Aaaaaahhhh I read the article. SMFH. How can people mock the gay community and people think that is fine? She admitted to not being bi (I DON’T DATE GIRLS OR HAVE SEX WITH GIRLS) so why rap about it??? She better deliver with this album.

  6. @KoKo
    Yes, I’m glad she’s being recognized because we need dominant females in hip hop but she’s under a lot of pressure to deliver. Her performance at the BET awards was lackluster and I hope she gives the audience a stellar show at the MTV awards and doesn’t venture into the dead land of lip synching. Her animated delivery and lyrical prowress are definitive factors for a burgeoning hip hop star but if her live performances are sub-par and her first album is average, we may be discussing the next big female musical artist next year instead of her. Good Luck Nicki!!!

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