Nicki Minaj’s V Magazine Photo Shoot

The Nicki Minaj publicity train just keeps on rolling. As previously reported, the new Queen of Hip-Pop is covering the spring 2011 “Discovery Issue” of V magazine. We posted Nicki’s cover a few days ago, and now here are photos from the inside pictorial. I was shown a glimpse of a more sedate looking Nicki, however these images are anything but. While some of them are clearly very beautiful, others clearly are not. I suspect V, as well as Nicki’s camp, wanted to get people talking and no doubt these pics will do just that.


  1. I luv that she feel she don’t hav 2 fit in….. very tribal, yes pretty

  2. tribal is a good description! i am slightly freaked out by masks/clowns myself lol

  3. I LOVE the black and white photos, the camera def loves her. She IS a beautiful woman that’s for sure.

  4. Whoa… reminds me of African tribe culture. But she looked flawless. Go Nicki!

  5. Seems like they tried to make her look like a monkey or some other type of animal in those painted face pics. Nicki has to be careful she doesn’t allow photographers to have too much control over her look and image.

    White folks can be tricky.

  6. I don’t have a problem with folks doing the most but I would like to see a simple beauty shot of Nicki without all the extra.

  7. “reminds me of African tribe culture”
    Which one? I knew somebody would try and pinpoint this on the continent of Africa, Tribal painting have meaning and history behind it, You can’t just up splash your face and voila It’s Africa!

    She looks silly, I don’t understand she is so pretty why does she feel the need to partake in such buffoonery ? Sight…

  8. She tries too hard to look edgy & ends up looking ridiculous. Epic Fail Nicki.

  9. I agree with Moonya. Tribal painting represents religion, hunting, tradition…etc. Nicki just looks down right absurd with the “tribal” face paint that trickles down right above her even more absurd fake breasts. Smh.

    On a more positive note. She does look nice in the other shots.

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