Nicki Minaj’s Vibe Outtakes released more of rapper Nicki Minaj’s photos taken during her recent cover shoot. Nicki is the first female rapper to cover the magazine I believe in almost a decade. Eve was the last and I think that was back was back in 2002.


  1. That shows where vibe’s “head” is at , Miss Diamond has been out for a few years now doing her thing, We have rasheeda who is as beautiful as talented, When Lil Kim had her last album they ignored her, What about a story on Foxy brown and her miraculous recovery, But vibe just like any other black American owned magazine, is just trying to acclaim the worse of their own. Oh i forgot the whitest you look the better right?

  2. So Lil’ Kim, she might as well just admit and say, “I want to be the new Lil’ Kim”.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. Everybody get a clue. MISS DIAMOND ISN’T HOT, WASN’T HOT, LIL KIM IS PASSE,


  4. Mystique? Is that’s what it’s called?


    No comment on the images except for the white curly wig ones; those look interesting and I like the dress.

  5. Im so glad my 12 year old told me she really wants to be a DENTIST when she grows up instead of a FREAKING…BARBIE!!! #BLESSIN and p.s. Most of our children are aware of NIKKI wether u ban it or not shes there…soo its up to us as parents..well u kno the rest

  6. WOW ITS SAD SHE TEACHIN LITTLE KIDS HOW TO EAT OUT GIRLS that hav no clue about their sexuality! #embrassedFORher! #imjustsayin….lil KIM wasnt tryin to attract CHILDREN with Her Barbie Image

  7. Why are black womn so into Barbie? Bratz were the baddest dolls on the market until Matel had them shut down. The Bratz dolls were more ethnic looking and had no history of racism behind them like the Barbie dolls do.

  8. When are we going to let these white people stop telling us what is hot to us. And let’s be realistic most of this music you can’t relate to. I bet no one can tell me one song she has made or what it is about.

    In the past to compete with Berry Gordy record companies had whole black divisions that were ran by black people. They picked the talent the image the music the whole nine and that explained alot. That explained why you had songs about love and family. Music is extremely contagious and infectious and you don’t believe me that is why you have grown women trying to look twelve and grown men trying to act 12.

    Take a look at the state of our music and then take a look at the state of our communities and tell me if there is no correlation. The music is disconnected from it’s soul and that is why most of us our disconnected or feel disconnected. There was a reason why our music was called soul music because that is where it came from. There is a reason why black music is no longer called soul music because it has none.

  9. Thank you BEE but unfortunately your message will fall on deaf ears (blind eyes). thank you though for stating the truth.

  10. (no homo) but That Body Paint on her ‘BREAST’ makes them look saggy African ta ta’s 😆

    even though Nicki Is so destine to be ‘the NOTORIOUS K.I.M’ she will never be 🙄 but you can’t knock her hustle the girl Is HOT right now…notice I said RIGHT NOW :loser:

  11. not 2 b funny, bc i really dont know….but who is miss diamond?

  12. Unfortunately most black peoople don’t see that their culture and their history is slowly being wiped away. It is being wiped away in the sense that we are not teaching it to our youth and no one else cares about it.

  13. I think this girl is talentless. Call me a hater or whatever you want. This Barbie image is wack she’s too old for that shi+. She has a new single on the radio and I don’t understand what people like about her.

    One question? If she wore baggy clothes, or wore some clothes period, and talked about the same things would people like her? I think not!!!

    I loved Foxy Brown as a rapper. Although she too was overly sexy. She had rhyme, and it made sense. You could relate to some of the things she was talking about. I don’t even know what this chick is talking about half the damn time. This is all I see :bootyshake: 😆 I love that emoticon.

  14. Nicki is okay, but sometimes she is just so damn animated it’s annoying. Kinda overkill to me sometimes

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