Nicki & Rihanna Shoot “Fly” Video

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj recently shot the video for Nicki’s next single “Fly.” Earlier today Rihanna tweeted an image from the set, followed by jokes of “hooking up” with her 26 year old island comrade.

“Me and Nikki in our new crib, lol! Gettin busy on set of FLY!!!” she [Rihanna] wrote. “Its so hard to keep my hands off!”

In response to Rihanna’s tweet, Nicki shot off one of her own. “@rihanna lol. If we’re gonna liv 2gthr and hook up u gotta learn how 2 spell my name! Lmaooooooo. —- Gossip Gossip…just stop it! :p”

Rihanna followed up Nick’s tweet with a slight apology and more fake lesbian innuendo. “My bad, I’ll make it up to u *wink*,” she replied.

This isn’t the first time the two have gotten frisky with each other. At last year’s American Music Awards Rihanna grabbed Nicki’s rear end while existing the stage after her win for “Favorite Female Artist.”Nicki later told E Online “I love Ri Ri! I mean, when she’s not grabbing my ass she’s a really sweet girl.”

No word when the video will actually debut.


  1. Nicki looks like an old fat tranny. Rihanna on the other hand looks as beautiful as ever. I love the bangs. She looks like a modern day Cher.

  2. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, not a good shot of Nicki but I do like Rhi’s hair straight like that.

    Right now everything Rihanna touches turns to a #1 so I guess the song will do well, haven’t heard it yet.

  3. ‘Fly’ is actually the best song IMO on Pink Friday- it’s kinda an uplifting type song and Nikki doesnt do any crazy voices. I hope they do a good job with the video and not overly sex it up .

  4. Odd expression on Nicki. Video appears to be colorful. Good luck!

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