Nicki Sells A Milli

Hip-Pop diva Nicki Minaj has a lot to be happy about today. According to Billboard magazine, the Young Money protégé has just had her debut album “Pink Friday” certified Platinum. Released just five weeks ago “PF” sold just over 375,000 copies in its first week and has continued to sell in the 100,000 range since then. Billboard noted that it was once doubtful if Nicki would even go Gold, but with a promotional campaign that shows no signs of slowing down and a fan base that leans more towards the pop crowd than rap crowd, the magazine is now speculating that “Pink Friday” could see its sales reach as high as the 3 million mark.

Pictured above, newly released “Pink Friday” outtakes.


  1. I think double platinum is a more reasonable estimate but her promotional blitz is very masterful…more VH1 and MTV than BET with online posts and decent performances.

  2. I think 3,000,000 is definitely within her grasp. She has already performed on par with pop stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry.

    Nicki has the fire under her behind and she ain’t gonna stop working anytime soon. I guarantee you 2011 will be her year.

    She will be a pop star and put up pop star numbers.

  3. I admit to not seeing this woman’s appeal. Her mouth is filthy and she clearly came from a bad home and wasn’t raised to be ladylike at all. Must be the American influences cause West Indians usually raise quality children.

  4. Niki is clearly selling off of appeal and past collaborations because her album is very weak. I burned it from a family member over the holidays and I wasn’t impressed. Her collaborations were much better than the songs on her album. I really expected more hardcore rap tracks with stronger lyrical content. I hope her next album is better.

  5. @RANJAY
    Neither Rihanna Nor Katy Perry has a single triple platinum Us album.

  6. Lokk at those plastic hips….woooooowww grt8 2 hear bout the album #s i have da record and it is very easy 2 sing and rap along 2 sn: lyrics r easi

  7. Congrats to Nicki! She is very talented. Her album is great. It has many hard core hip-hop tracks along with R&B and pop influenced tracks. She’s very versatile and deserves all the success in the world. I just cannot wait for her to sell over 3 million of the album so she can shut the immature doubters down! Yes, Nicki’s image can be too animated and gimmicky, but she does have talent and is a dope a** MC.

  8. Time will tell how “skilled” she really is. Personally she does not appeal to me … I find more interest in her attire than her music. However she’s def making herself known … Give her that much.

  9. Hmmm Why is Niki selling more than Rihanna and Katy who have more #1 Singles and soooooooo MUCH Promotion?

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