Nicki Minaj’s Fashion Featurette for ‘The Other Woman’


Nicki Minaj’s character of Lydia in the upcoming Cameron Diaz flick “The Other Woman,” has got her own little promotional video.

Released over the weekend, the clip mostly examines Minaj’s many looks showcased throughout the film, including several from her own K-Mart line.

Paolo Nieddu, who styled the entire cast for the film, describes Minaj’s character as a “cartoon sexy secretary,” who spends most of her time shopping online and looks like it.

Minaj reportedly dons over 12 different looks throughout the film, and recently referred to them in an MTV interview as “remnants of her other personalities.”

Check out Lydia’s looks below, and don’t forget to check out the “The Other Woman” when it hits movie theaters on April 25th.


  1. I am going to make my husband take me to see this movie. I love the actress who played in This Is 40. She always have me laughing so does Cameran

  2. That’s a good look for Nicki. I will see the movie because of her. I think she definitely needs to re-invent herself into something more classy and not so gimmicky and campy.. She is naturally beautiful(in the face, the other “stuff”, I am not too sure what’s going on there), and I feel she is talented (check her early raps). Nonetheless, I am rooting for her to win.

  3. Yes Nicki is very pretty. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed that until recently but she really is a natural beauty.

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