Nicki’s New Joint

Earlier today New York radio station Hot 97 premiered “Right Through Me,” a song they say is the next single from Nicki Minaj’s upcoming debut album “Pink Friday.” Nicki spoke to MTV about the track earlier this summer, saying “everyone’s gonna like it.

So give it a listen… and tell us if you like it.


  1. This girl is not the next Lauryn Hill. Not with those superficial lyrics and beats. Not to mention the vulgarity and cursing. Lauryn is on a whole different plane than this chick.

  2. @GEENA exactly but you know the music industry is so blind and it’s on DEF ears this generation is getting younger and younger and these kids think that these so called “NEW ARTIST” started everything…little do they now they need to get up on there history and know that theses new artists are not the first nor the last to start something creative and new…Nicki minaj is just the “IT” girl for the moment L-Boogie is beyond a singer/rapper/songwriter/producer/actress she is women with alot of intellect and wisdom she empowers her listeners and let them know that life is so much bigger than what we think it is….PLEASE LAURYN HILL come back I miss your music and your stage presents!!!

  3. The song sucks, She seems bi-polar, and i think she needs to seek immediate help. Congrats on her being famous ut come on…

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